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CM2 - Cellular Mitosis 2 Review

Official Review

August 7th, 2009 8:03am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
I have to tell you that when I purchased the original Cellular Mitosis from Docc at one of his lectures, I was very disappointed. I read through it, dismissed it as impractical and told everyone that I thought is was a waste of $30.00. Until I read CM2, I didn't realize how impressive Cellular Mitosis could be.

Docc has now released CM2 and I think it's a wonderful routine, worthy of a closer. You don't have to have the original Cellular Mitosis to do CM2 but it couldn't hurt to have the knowledge it provides, plus if CM2 doesn't work (which should be very rare) you can fall back on the original as an out.

You will need to be able to do some very basic billet work and Docc uses the cell phone in a very sneaky way for this. You will also use your own cell phone and Docc has designed this for a touchscreen phone (like an iPhone) although I'm sure it can be adapted to other phones.

This is a fun routine with a couple of really nice mindreading revelations and Docc includes a transcript of an actual performance, which is invaluable. It's $45.00 and the original is $30.00, but for workers wanting to add a great 10 minutes of Mentalism, it's a bargain.

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Author: Docc Hilford
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Retail Price: $45.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Highest Level of Cell Work

The final book in a series of thirty is perhaps Docc Hilford's greatest yet. his swansong will leave audiences in awe. A complete routine that stands as a full stage act of can be played casually on the street. It is what Real Time Mentalism is all about.

In 2006 Docc release Cellular Mitosis. It caused quite a buzz among professionals. Now the second stage of Cellular Mitosis emerges.

A man thinks of any word, date, or number. He concentrates and waits until needed. A woman thinks of a friend's phone number. The mentalist tries to dial the number on his phone. He creates a true drama by revealing each numeral, stumbling, recovering and finally succeeding to cheers! years of actual performing has created a script that guarantees and audience reaction.

The friend is called and the mentalist asks for the friend BY NAME. Although a clever billet maneuver may explain ho the mentalist knows the friend's name, the is NO EXPLANATION to his knowing ten different digits in the friend's phone number. Something much to large to memorize in a glance.

So far this good, solid mind reading, but here is something completely new to mentalist! The mentalist lets the two friends chat on the phone, then gives the phone to the man. At that point, the friend IMMEDIATELY REVEALS THE MAN'S THOUGHT!

That's right. A chosen friend reads a random mind. All three people are COMPLETELY UNKNOWN TO THE MENTALIST! The illusion is perfect. Absolutely chilling!

At no time is the friend told what to say. She is completely baffled by the trick. Everyone present is fooled, including all the participants.

The routine has four clear climaxes. And everything can be done with any phone. Each word is scripted. An entire performance is transcribed, including the comedy bits of business. You get everything! There's even an additional effect wherein the mentalist hypnotizes the friend over the phone!

Docc has generously included two original billet handing techniques that you will use separately.

Anyone who uses the original Cellular Mitosis will rush to gain a new insight. CM2 puts you miles about the rest.

There is one caveat: Everything in this description is true and it is written as the audience sees the effect. The important thing to know is that this effect is so strong it closes any show!

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