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Card Cognition Review

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July 17th, 2009 7:17am
Reviewed by Tracy Atteberry
In the world of evolutionary card magic Card Cognition is a mutation/variation that will not, and should not, survive in the real world of the performing magician. The basic effect is this: A card is freely selected by a spectator and then is instantly known by the performer and revealed in a suitable manner. This is accomplished by means of a gaffed and unexaminable deck.

If you are still with me, let me explain why about half of your fellow readers have just groaned and moved on to other things. Any novice card mechanic will be aware of several methods for accomplishing ths basic card effect, perhaps the basic card effect, without resorting to a gaffed and unexaminable deck. (See Card College or Royal Road.) Even Mr. Lovins acknowledges that the very same effect can be accomplished using a Si Stebbens stack (though he doesn't call it by name).

My advice to the tempted is to pick up a copy of Card College (for a little more) or Royal Road (for a lot less) from your favorite magic dealer.
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Author: Rodger Lovins
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COGNITION - [The mental process of knowing] "This is one of the easiest mind reading, card effects You will ever use! Everyone loves Card Cognition."
  • Any Card Anytime Anywhere
  • Instant Reset
  • No Marked Cards
  • Can Be Repeated
  • Easy To Do
  • Quality Bicycle Cards
The performer shows a deck of cards by dribbling them face up from one hand onto the other. He then has a card selected by telling the spectator that he would like him or her to say stop as he dribbles the cards this time face down. (NO FORCE) When the spectator says stop, the performer hands the selected playing card to the spectator telling them to look at it making sure not to let anyone else see their selection and to mentally keep a picture of it in their mind. The performer is then able to read their mind and tell them the name of their freely selected card. He then has another card selected. This time the magician is able to not only read the mind of the spectator, but transfers their thought into the mind of another spectator, enabling them to predict the selection.

There are many other possibilities with Card Cognition as any selected playing card is instantly known by the performer! This effect is easy to do, can be repeated, and has no reset. No hard moves to learn, just great magic!

Many different effects can be done with The Card Cognition Deck as you are able to know any selections made by anyone at anytime. Keeping them to yourself or pass that information on to another. The possibilities are endless.

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