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July 9th, 2009 10:30am
Reviewed by Eugene Burger
Remember the old Topsey Turvey Match? Imagine doing it with a pencil. And imagine that the eraser could visibly appear and disappear. That's the basic effect here.

But, as many have said, every miracle has its price. The first problem with this product is the subtitle: "Amazing magic with an ordinary pencil!"

But, alas, the pencil is NOT ordinary at all! It has been gaffed. (Have words lost their meanings?)

This leads us to the second problem: following the supplied instructions on how to make the gaff did not produce a pencil where the two ends looked identical to each other.

In "explaining" how we should make the eraser, we are told in the instructions to use a pink or red Sharpie marker and then the ominous addition: "Try to match the original erasers (sic.) color a little better."

What? Wait a minute! Why do I have to try to match the color? Why wasn't this Jesse's job?

Or, we are told, the fake eraser can be made "by cutting a real eraser end in half and gluing it to the opposite sides/ends of the pencil." Unfortunately, one needs to do considerably more than merely cutting a real eraser in half and gluing it to make it look real. And more information is not supplied.

So what are we here purchasing? I think we are purchasing a very clever, though very old, idea but, unfortunately, the reality of what is supplied does not match the quality of the idea. Well, perhaps this could work in a very dark bar or restaurant....

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Author: Jesse Feinberg
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A regular pencil is shown all around. When you wave your hand over the pencil, the eraser jumps from one end to the other! Give the pencil a shake, and the eraser jumps back to the other side... SNAP the pencil in half and the eraser jumps from one half to the other! You can even cover one end in your pocket, and the eraser jumps back and forth! The two broken pieces are immediately handed out for examination... You are left totally clean!

Other routines/effects are included. Limitless possibilities!


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