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Time Machine and Touches Review

Official Review

September 25th, 2009 8:34am
Reviewed by Jeff McBride
I like Kenton. He's a fun performer, with many interesting ideas. I have seen THE TIME MACHINE in a few different formats over the years. I have performed it on occasion, although it is not one of my regular pieces in my repertoire, yet, after seeing Kenton's DVD, I want to re-visit Time Machine, and give it another chance. I really enjoy the story-telling and trance induction dimensions of this performance piece.

Here's what happens:
The mentalist invites an audience member to join him on a journey of imagination back in time. We are going to meet the writer of the book The Time Machine, HG Wells. The participant is asked to write down the year in the 1800s that they would like to visit. This is sealed in an envelope, for later verification if necessary. Next, before our imaginary journey, the participant is handed an American half dollar. The mentalist then uses guided imagery to take the participant and the audience back in time to a noisy tavern in the 1800s and to take a seat at the bar next to the bearded writer HG Wells. The participant is instructed to exchange their American half dollar for one of HG Wells' English pennies. The participant then travels back from their brief encounter to the present time, and upon opening their hand, the half dollar which they had been holding the entire time, has changed to an English penny. The mentalist then picks up the English penny and tells the date he sees on the coin. It is the same date thought of and written down by the participant!

This effect will play for a small group, and even a larger audience if you, the performer develop good story-telling and NLP skills to enhance the audience's visualization during the journey.

Kenton goes step by step through every detail. Nothing is left out. In fact, more is put in!

When I first read the title of the DVD, and read the back of the box, it said Time Machine and Touches. I thought this meant that Kenton was teaching a few of his touches on Time Machine, but I was wrong. Instead, I found that Kenton teaches a second, bonus routine, based on Banachek's Invisible Touches.

Touches is a complete routine in itself, and Kenton gives you many new moves that you can add to your existing routine... Or, you can just use the moves and tips Kenton gives you to craft your own impromptu psychic sensation presentation.

I would have given this five stars, but the laugh track and applause track is a bit too fake, and I found the gold-lamee backdrop a bit overpowering for the type of material being covered. All of this said, this is a fine routine, that is easy to do, with a bit of practice and dedication.

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Author: Kenton Knepper
Publisher: Wonder Wizards
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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A Kenton Classic come to life in living color at last!

Filmed live in several locations...

Kenton's Original Time Machine effect was first revealed to performers in rare lectures and workshops. It became a staple (still is) of Kenton's performances. Time Machine finally made it's way into Wonder Words... but few performed it until NOW.

For the first time ever Kenton has allowed the filming of Time Machine in action.

What is "Kenton's Time Machine?"

Completely under the performer's spell, the spectator thinks of a time to travel to in a different country.

She holds tightly to a coin from the U.S. and a more modern time, and then goes into a trance...

When the spectator snaps out of her trance, she is shocked to find she is holding a coin from the place she traveled to in her mind ... and confirms the date on the coin is the exact year she imagined !

Finally, everything you need to know about this Kenton Klassic at last.

But that's not all.

Kenton also included his devious ways of apparently making his spectator forget their own name - sometimes twice in a row! Yes, you CAN do it. You'll see for yourself once you learn Kenton's sneaky secrets.


Kenton shows additional "touches" he uses when he performs his Time Machine effect. This includes invisible touches on the arm and head - in real time. No delays, no stalling. This is as direct as can be. For those wondering how it would look and play in real life - see for yourself at last! These secrets are essentials in all of Kenton's trance illusion and "Kentonism" performances. Now they can be yours as well.

You get the name forgetting sequence, Kenton's original hypnosis coin illusion as designed for television, Kenton's "Touched in the Head" and "Heightened Arm Sensations" - with no gimmicks whatsoever, and Kenton's Time Machine with touches not even explained in Wonder Words... fully revealed for the first time on this DVD.

You will see Time Machine performed live, with additional details and bonus work explained too. It's everything you could want and more so you can properly learn this effect and its many related sub-effects, all on one DVD. See and learn it live - as if you were right there yourself.

Running Time Approximately 32min

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