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Sam The Bellhop Review

Official Review

September 2nd, 2009 7:11am
Reviewed by Jeff McBride
This is a great product, presented by one of magic's great performers and personalities. Story decks delight audiences and Sam the Bellhop is one of the most memorable of all. This is both good and bad for the performer. Why? Well, because it's so memorable, it has been seen perhaps a bit too much these days by insiders in magic. Bill performed this on the NBC special, "The World's Greatest Magic." One can easily find the story on YouTube clips as well. Bill teaches all of his blind shuffles and cuts. That alone is worth the price of this DVD session. Bill was one of Ed Marlo's top students. He has much to offer you. For the beginner, or pro, this is a powerful addition to any close-up show, and a strong, proven closing effect.

I would recommend this to any magician who is looking to venture into story-telling magic. Bill's teaching style is delightful, and he knows this particular effect better than anyone on the planet. It's been a signature of his for many years. It will take practice and a commitment of time to memorize the script, but anything worthwhile in the art of magic takes this sort of devotion.

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Author: Bill Malone
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Manufacturer's Description:

In the book "The Final Word on Cards" by Rufus Steele there was an entry titled "Sam & Moe" (author unknown). This was a stunt in which the magician tells a story while turning over cards from the deck, the cards matching the words in the narrative. It was not really a trick but an amusing interlude such as "Troublewit" or "Rocky the Raccoon" In other words, it was not supposed to fool anybody and it was not a new idea. In fact, other story routines such as "Jack goes to Town", as published in "Scarne on Card Tricks", were already in the literature.

Bill learned the Sam the Bellhop story and stack as shown to him by Mike Pappas of Chicago and he immediately added expert blind shuffles and cuts to it, thereby making magic out of an amusing vignette. That was a new idea! Over the years, he refined it and it became his signature piece.

Eventually he was asked to perform it on the November '94 TV show, "World Greatest Magic." His electrifying performance on this show was destined to open golden doors of opportunity, and Bill shuffled off to the bank!

After seeing Bill's performance, other magicians have attempted to teach this trick, but they missed the essential ingredients. This tape uncovers Malone's original dynamics that make the effect flow. If you apply yourself, you can learn the most entertaining four minutes you will ever do!

Running Time Approximately 48min

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