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Rainbow Ropes - The Remix Review

Official Review

August 31st, 2009 7:58am
Reviewed by Jeff McBride
Daryl has a great knack of taking a classic piece of standard magic-shop magic, and giving it a fresh new make-over for a new generation.

Here's the effect:
Three differently colored ropes, about eighteen inches long are tied together. The magician wraps them around his hand, and the knots vanish, creating one solid and seamless tri-colored rope. A simple effect, with powerful impact and a lasting memory.

When I was in my teens, I would visit Mike Tannen at Circle Magic Shop on 52nd street in New York City. Mike would always have the "Patriotic Ropes" sitting on his magic counter, as one the first effects he would demo. Mike's ropes were faded from years of use, but as soon as he worked his mojo on these three ropes, and made them blend into one, the sale was instantaneous. A delighted customer would go home, with a compact, powerful and easy-to-do miracle.

Daryl knows a good trick when he sees it. The ropes are vibrant, the instructions clear. Daryl sure knows how to "show you the ropes." This is a highly recommended effect for any newcomer to magic, or even a seasoned pro wanting to take a trip down memory lane... I did, thank you Mike, and thank you Daryl.

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Author: Fooler Doolers
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Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Three different colored pieces of rope are shown and openly tied together. Amazingly, the knots melt away, transforming the pieces into one long three-colored Rainbow Rope! You finish clean and everything can be thoroughly examined!

Also included on the DVD is Daryl's personal favorite routine where the ropes are counted one at a time and then tied together with two very special knots. The magician blows on the first knot, but it is the SECOND KNOT that drops off the rope! The magician then blows on the rope where the second knot used to be and the FIRST KNOT drops off! It's an amazing (and hilarious) thing to see!

As always, you will find the exact same top quality production that you have grown to expect from Fooler Doolers and Daryl - The Magician's Magician.

Rainbow Ropes - The Remix comes complete with an expertly manufactured set of ropes (longer, thicker and better quality than any others on the market), detailed written instructions and a performance/explanation DVD featuring numerous effect and handling variations.

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