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Oiater Review

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September 8th, 2009 1:04pm
Reviewed by Christian
Oiater is comb bound 47 page book. The pages are 8 and half by 11, well laid out, with nice illustrations.

I really wish this was not published. It is simply too good. Oaiter is a very nice working of the Oil and Water effect. I mean really good. Its not simply the card handling that makes this good, it is the theatrical thinking that propels this to a very commercial and outstanding effect.

The crux of the routine relies on a concept of “Regressive Oil and Water” were the performer uses fewer and fewer cards to prove the point. It reduces the number of cards being used to . . . . two. If that doesn’t grab your attention then how about the fact that the entire deck ends up separated into red and black. Sure, that’s not a new concept but . . . this method is within the skill level of a beginner.

There are a couple of “moves” in the manuscript that I think are very powerful and can be used with other tricks. You will smile and reach for your deck of cards as you read them. Additionally, there are ideas for alternate endings, theory, and practical handlings. I really enjoyed the thinking in these pages.

In the back of the book is an impressive list of credits and a website to watch some of the sequences performed. Oh!, and I want to point out that the booklet has a nice front and back plastic cover, not the quickly stapled, poorly copied booklets that I usually see.

If you like the oil and water concept or even think you like it, get this book. It is a gem.
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Product info for Oiater

Author: Tom Dobrowolski
Average Rating:  (1)
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Manufacturer's Description:

"I thought Oil and Water was a plot that didn't need to be revisited. Turns out I was wrong. Oiater is a fresh look at a classic effect. It is well written, contains new moves for the move monkeys, and new plot ideas for workers. I can't wait for the sequel".
- Darren Hart

Chicago Magic Bash Proudly Presents: OIATER
An Exploration of Oil and Water

"...Chicago Winters and Oil and Water are the reason tourists don't come back. However, the work within this manuscript is a step in what I believe is the right direction for the plot. The key word in that last sentence is 'step'. Progression is the goal that those who have partaken in this project gazed affectionately towards."
- Jeremiah Zhang

Thus begins "Oiater" (pronounced oy-AHTER) a 47 page manuscript examining theatrical handlings of the classic oil and water plot. Within this manuscript you will find 2 complete routines; Tom Dobrowolski and Jeremiah Zhang's ROW and Curtis Kam's POW.

In addition you'll find contributions from Eric Jones (who provides one of two additional endings), a new handling for "Out of This World" and additional sequences and ideas not included in the routines.

About "R.O.W.":

  • There are no counting procedures during the mixing of the cards.
  • The cards instantly separate after each mix with no handling of the cards in between.
  • Every card's color is fairly seen during the mixing stages. The spectators never have to assume the color of a card. (with the exception of the first phase the entire routine is done face up)
  • The routine is progressive, modularly moving forward and becoming more impressive with each phase.
  • The deck ends completely separated (no culling!) in a clear and defined theatrical finish.
About "P.O.W.":
  • The routine builds from two cards to the separation of the entire deck.
  • Makes things seem less repetitious by adding cards at each phase.
  • Makes things seem less pointless by doing separations only.
  • All the separations are "instant". In other words, once the cards are interlaced there is no further handling, counting, or separating of the cards."
"This is the least rigamarolee oil and water I've ever seen."
- David Parr

"Great routine!!"
- Ross Johnson

Pages 48 - Spiral Bound

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