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David Penn Lecture DVD Review

Official Review

September 3rd, 2009 10:44am
Reviewed by Christian
This was a very well done DVD. The production values are high. It is shot in a relatively new style. He basically only shows the explanations and he does in while on a tour in China, giving us various interesting backgrounds such as the Great Wall or The Birds Nest Coliseum. I enjoyed this and found this to be a nice variation from the standard magic videos. Another point to this is that by only showing the explanations you are less apt to be influenced to simply copy his style. You will be forced to find your own presentations. I like this.

The material is varied and this makes for a fun lecture. I say this because it truly is like going to a lecture and learning a bunch of tricks. David Penn is likable and the explanations are well done.

I personally enjoyed:

The Glass of Water Production
Salt Inspector
Linking Laces
Design Duplication

Of course these are my personal preferences. Yours will be different because all the material here is quite good. There really is no fluff here. I will confess I was concerned during the DVD by the lack of crediting but was pleasantly surprised at the end when a nice list of credits was shown with references. Beautiful!

This is easily recommended for anyone looking for some nice close up magic material. An additional bonus for those Coinvexed users is a discussion about Coinvexed at the end of the DVD. I thought it was a nice touch.

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David Penn is one of Europe's leading corporate magicians. He has been awarded the title of 'Magic Circle Close up Magician of the Year' and the International Brotherhood of Magicians 'Close Up Magician of the Year'. David's magic has been seen in the UK on four major TV series including 'FREAKY' on Channel 4, 'Astounding Celebrities' on ITV1 and 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' on the BBC. His creative accomplishments include the critically acclaimed 'Coinvexed' and 'Refraction' that are now used regularly by top performers all over the world.


* Glass of Water Production
* Biz Card Transpo
* Design Duplication
* The Black Eight
* Tine Bend Subtlety
* Psychological Spoon Bend
* Salt Inspector
* Linking Laces
* Circle to the Forth Dimension
* Penn's Vanish & Color Change
* V.D.C.C.A.W.
* Coinvexed Discussion


For the First Time on DVD, David tips his favorite routines and presentation concepts including knockout close-up effects like 'The Black Eight', two killer tricks that will get your business card into the hands of potential clients and routines directly from his competition act such as 'Circle to the Fourth Dimension' and V.D.A.C.C.A.W'. For the incredible 'Glass of Water Production' you will learn the real work on Patrick Page's effect in which an un-gimmicked glass of liquid is produced form inside the sleeve of the spectator's jacket.

In all, twelve effects are preformed and explained with nothing held back and, as a DVD bonus, David sits down with the UK's leading coin magician, Craig Petty, and discusses new presentation ideas for the coin bending effect 'Coinvexed'.

Filmed entirely on location in China including such sites as The Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Olympic 'Bird's Nest' Stadium.

Filmed in HD Widescreen.

Running Time Approximately 68min

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