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Magic Mints Review

July 23rd, 2009 7:33pm
Reviewed by Brian Reaves
This is a fun little close-up effect that takes the concept of "linking rings" to a whole new level. I really love how they've laid out the beginning of this trick (allowing the spectator to have the first mint you open to if they so desire, or using it in the effect). It adds a level of spontaneity to the effect that can disarm a spectator. Perhaps the strongest part of this effect comes from the fact that you can do it without warning. If you pull out a deck of cards or ask for some coins, people are going to know magic is coming. If you innocently pull out a pack of Lifesavers and offer them a mint, they relax and think it's all over.

The gimmick is very nice and stands up to very close scrutiny. As a matter of fact, the spectator can get as close as they want to and they won't catch anything as long as they don't actually touch the mints. Even folks familiar with the secret of the linking rings will be fooled here because they are so closely examining the mints and they still can't find an opening. They're going to be thinking there's a gap in the mint or something, but they won't find one because it's not there. After pulling the mints apart, you pop them in your mouth and move on.

The only weakness in the effect is the fact that you can't just toss the mints into the spectator's hand. That would have been ideal, but it's a small thing that doesn't really affect the outcome. You'll have to keep the gimmick clean to keep it effective, and it will eventually wear out and have to be replaced. You'll get a lot of use out of it before that happens though if you'll treat it well.

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Magic Mints - VISUALLY link two Lifesavers WITHIN INCHES of your spectators eyes. Follow it up with THE FRESHEST FINISH IN MAGIC. Highly recommended!


1. Take out a pack of Lifesavers.

2. Pop two candies out of the pack.

3. Link together.

4. Take apart.

5. Pop in mouth and enjoy :-)

No funny moves. No pre-linked candies. No glue. No magnets. No wires. No strings. No pulls.

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