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July 7th, 2009 9:22am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
Benjamin Earl has taken the modern coin-bending premise, added a couple of other touches to it and created a wonderful tableside ROUTINE. This isn't a one-off thing at all. It's a great bit of psychology and physicality that doesn't require a coin-bending gimmick.

The first phase begins when Mr. Earl borrows a coin, has someone hold it in her hand, and then persuades her that her pulse has stopped. This is quite disarming as the participant and the others watching now think the coin isn't the effect at all. It's a great ploy and I love Earl's words here and how he casually eases into this. There's one "move" here, but it's done before anyone knows anything is about to happen.

The next phase is the bend itself. Again, Earl uses words that work here to get the helper to agree she "feels" the coin bending. On the DVD we see an actual real-world demonstration and the reactions are real as well. There's a gentleness about Earl's performance and it's in stark contrast to the gangbusters presentation we usually get from restaurant/bar entertainers. It works perfectly here to put the help at ease and get her on his side.

The third phase is really an extra bonus as Mr. Earl is able to name the year on the coin while it's still in the hand. Because the lead-up is so clever and the heat of all three effects is diffused by the presentation, the simple method used here seems to fly right by.

I was very impressed the SKIN, despite the dim lighting of the explanation phase on the DVD. Earl takes you through a very thorough explanation of SKIN and most importantly, makes you feel you can do it too. This will take real-world practice, but since it's easy to carry around, it shouldn't be a problem.

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Author: Benjamin Earl
Publisher: Alakazam Magic
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Retail Price: $59.00
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Psychological strategy and design for the coin bend

Once in a while you witness an effect so powerful and so eerie that you could be convinced there are otherworldly forces at work.

SKIN is a professional performance piece direct from the mind of Benjamin Earl, developed and refined over the last decade. The routine takes the coin bend several steps further and the entire routine has been meticulously thought out to ensure the spectator and the entire audience at large experiences something not just entertaining, but positively mind blowing.

Every aspect of how and why SKIN works is discussed in unprecedented detail on this high-definition instructional DVD as well as live performance footage so you can study the exact timing and nuances that make SKIN the most unique and original work on the coin bend to date.

SKIN is not just another variation on the standard coin bend - it is a professionally routined performance piece that will require careful study of the DVD in order to learn all of the important layers that make up this reputation making routine. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded and you will have an effect in your arsenal that looks and feels like the real thing!

Running Time Approximately 1hr 42min

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