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Healed And Sealed 2.0 Review

Official Review

June 26th, 2009 3:54pm
Reviewed by Christian
This DVD has the creator of the effect, Anders Moden, performing and teaching the effect. This is a very through teaching of the effect with lots of tips and ideas. The DVD is well made and easy to navigate. The instruction is first class.

If you do not perform Healed and Sealed, this is the DVD to get and learn from. All the little tips and tricks are worth their price in gold. If you already perform Healed and Sealed, I would still recommend this DVD as Anders has lots of tips that you might not have considered. He also has tips from other professionals that have been performing this routine for years. I had in the past performed Healed and Sealed for two years in my show and I learned some valuable tips from this DVD.

It is obvious that Anders had a great time making this DVD so this makes it fun to watch.

The question people will ask is . . . If I already do this will I learn anything new? I believe yes. The routine is unchanged . . for the most part. But you will learn tips, ideas, and tricks that other performers have shared with Anders, and this could be very valuable to those that perform this effect.

Highly Recommended

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Author: Anders Moden
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Manufacturer's Description:

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An empty and crushed can of soda magically restores and refills before the eyes of the spectators.

Impossible to improve? Here's the 2.0 version of Anders Modens ingenious Healed and Sealed Soda, the effect originally performed by David Blaine on "Vertigo".

Anders Moden shares his thoughts on the methods, the handlings and the presentations of his masterpiece. He will also guide you through various additional techniques that he has kept to himself. Until now.

Let's re-cap the effect:

  • Pour the last drops out of an empty a soda can.
  • Crush it - in front of the spectators - and show it around.
  • Command the can to heal itself - the spectator will see and hear this happen.
  • Wave your hand over the opening and the hole will seal itself!
  • Now the can to magically fills up.
  • Open the can with a pfzzt!
  • Pour the soda in a glass.
  • Hand everything out to the audience.
Anders Modén will take you through every step of the trick in detail. He will also show you:
  • a clever "hands-off" method that actually works.
  • a special close-up method.
  • an ingenious transposition effect where the drink visibly and instantly moves from a full coke can to an empty orange can!
Additional material:
  • Several presentation ideas
  • Variations in set-up and handling
  • Examples for stage, parlour etc.
  • Tips, tricks and variations
  • Bonus section and chapter menus for easy navigation
CYRIL says:
'"I think Healed and Sealed Soda is one of the BEST and MOST magical effects that people say is REAL MAGIC when performed."

Three time FISM award winner Shawn Farquhar says:
"On my cruise ship I levitate my Daughter, cut my wife in two and make it snow, but when I perform Healed and Sealed Soda it brings the house down!"

Running Time Approximately 50min

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