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Collector's Edition Sampler (Vol. 8) Review

Official Review

August 11th, 2009 7:57am
Reviewed by Christian
Ed Ellis is a knuckle buster, a finger flinger, a hard core card guy. I got to sit down with him at a convention once and his card handling is fun to watch. He even admits that he might have a card problem. One thing is for certain you will have no problem understanding these DVDs. His instruction is very good. I will warn you . . . . these are not for the beginners. You need to have at least some experience before you start toying with some of his ideas.

The DVD is well made and you will have no problem with the navigation or visuals. At times the green screen stuff was a little irritating but it did not interfere with the instructional quality of the disk.

This DVD is packed full of stuff. I can’t see how anyone would be disappointed by its purchase. He even gives some nice instructions on simpler moves such as the tilt or double, all done well.

You will see some wicked moves performed on this DVD and I assure you, I saw them at the convention with my own eyes. He is fast and smooth. If you like hard core card handling, you will love this DVD.

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Author: Ed Ellis
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Manufacturer's Description:

If you don't own an Ed Ellis Magic DVD yet here is your chance to check out what they are all about and at a fantastic pride! Ed's detailed teaching style, mutli-camera shoots, and high production value have been receiving the highest marks in the industry!

Ed has performed his amazing close-up illusions at Las Vegas' Caesar's Place, the world famous Magic Castle, and in 2005 was the star of the Ed Ellis TV show. Ed will be performing at the 2009 I.B.M. Convention in Nashville TN.

Vol 1 - Materialize

The Fan Flourish - A suggested opener. A top card control followed by a one handed eye catching four card display.

Illusion or Reality - A signed card begins to multiply...Then disappears and changes to four aces! Which can be shown front and back!

Vol. 2 - You Blue It!

Business Section - Psychology and methodology for getting hired.

Vol. 3 - You Ring?

Rubber band Through Thumb - Usually done in a quick motion but this version is more visual and powerful.

Vol. 4 - Ellis Aces

Axis Double - The indifferent card is placed in the middle of deck with NO APPARENT DITCH of object card on top!

Vol. 5 - The Castle Routine

Take 5 - A five card lift using the continuum principle.

Vol 6 - magic Castle Performance Live!

Card from Shoe - A natural series of movements are used to remove a card from your shoe!

Beginners Section - The Tilt, Elmsley Count, and Double Lift are covered in detail.

Vol. 7 - Totally Blue It!

Wrist Kill Change - Using a side steal to perform a color change.

Cards From Mouth - Another shocking visual which is taught in detail. A classic which will never be forgotten.

This DVD contains material found on Vol 1 Thru Vol 7 Ed Ellis Magic Lecture Series DVD.

Running Time Approximately 54min

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