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The Heirloom Monte Review

Official Review

August 4th, 2009 9:30am
Reviewed by Christian
Heirloom Monte is a “Three Card Monte” effect. Most magicians will recognize the routine from a Michael Skinner routine called “Ultimate Three Card Monte”. The idea actually goes back to Theodore Deland from 1908 in a routine called “Pickitout”. It is credited in the instructions.

The cards are what make this effect. They are produced by a company called Card-Shark run by Christian Schenk. The cards have a very nice feel to them and they are made to look old. Like really old. They are fun to touch and seeing as they have an antique feel, it opens up a great deal of possibilities for story lines.

It would be difficult not to recommend the cards or the trick. Both are outstanding.

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Author: Mark Elsdon
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $12.50
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Manufacturer's Description:

You love the "Ultimate Monte" by Michael Skinner? Me too!

With this card set you get the possibility to perform this effect with this new "vintage feeling". These cards can be used by their own but they really get strong if they were seemingly and randomly picked out of your Heirloom Deck.

You get the three gaffed cards, together with a new routine by Mark Elsdon.

The set is only available with red backs.

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