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Believe Review

Official Review

July 14th, 2009 10:36am
Reviewed by Christian
The “Believe” DVD set is a DVD version of the trick that Aaron released a year or more ago. The DVD is high quality. I call it a set because it contains 2 DVDs. One is the performance and the other explains in great detail the method. This DVD has great videography.

It is obvious that Aaron and his friends had a great time making this DVD. For that reason it makes it fun to watch. I can imagine that although I am sure Aaron is proud of his creation, it must have been tough to give this away. It is a very clever routine with many options. (which Aaron and crew give you additional ideas on)

Not everyone will perform this effect. It will take practice in both handling and presentation. However, for those that this appeals to, it will be well worth the effort.

The effect has a great deal of play. However in the end you have predicted not only the playing card they would select but a word that they merely thought of. This can play very powerful. Aaron plays it for fun . . . however you could play this serious as well. It is a really nice routine. Aaron sells this as a walk-around run trick, but this could easily play for the mentalist as well.

Well worth the investment.

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Author: Aaron DeLong
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Manufacturer's Description:

Any Card, Any Word, Prediction.

The Scene:

After completing an amazing set, one of the guests ask if the magician can read their minds. He admits he cannot but says he is asked that question a lot. So he has something he's learned about psychics that he'd like to share; a technique called cold reading. A card is selected and a word thought of to act as a focal point during the demonstration.

Amazingly, through cold reading, the magician reveals the name of the selected card. But stranger still, even though he does not have psychic powers, he wants to show them something else. A sealed envelope is produced that is signed and dated from the day before. Inside, a card is found. It matches the free selection. But on the back of the cad, there is a word written. it is the freely thought of word!

Welcome to Believe!

This DVD is jammed packed with performances, explanations, variations, and a few extra goodies including a stage version of Believe; a Triple Threat Wallet handling and much more. With contributions from Paul Vigil, Jason Dean, Brandon Williams, Marty Miller, Tony Miller, Christopher Williams, and Cody J.H. Pace.

Disc One Running Time Approximately 1hr 23min
Disc Two Running Time Approximately 1hr 39min

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