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Triumph Review

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May 29th, 2009 10:56am
Reviewed by Christian
Triumph is a well produced DVD by Penguin Magic, starring Oz Pearlman. The Triumph DVD is very well produced and easy to navigate. It has a hot, street-magic look that will appeal to the multitudes of street magicians and a thumping sound track that gives it a finished feel. This DVD is aimed at the new generation of David Blain and Criss Angel style magicians.

If you have been in card magic longer than 3 days you should know Triumph by Dai Vernon. Oz starts the DVD off with a little bit of history and some call outs to various versions of Triumph. I think it would be impossible to cite them all since there must be hundreds of variations of this trick.

Oz then proceeds to perform the original version of Triumph to the obligatory hottie that must accompany any magic DVD. He does a nice job of performing the trick in the classic manner. He then gives a very through explanation of the trick. Nice videography makes this easy to follow.

Included on the DVD are the following versions
An in the hand version for walk around performers
A version that with a color changing deck.
And few other variations that are very creative and I am sure many will use.

If you enjoy the Triumph trick this is easily worth the investment. Even if you are happy with the original version, this could give you something to think about. Oz does a very good job on the DVD and there are some additional goodies such as an explanation of how to perform a in the hands false shuffle.

Enjoyable DVD with lots of information.
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Product info for Triumph

Author: Oz Pearlman
Publisher: Penguin Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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A card is selected and returned...
The cards are shuffled face-up into face-down creating an impossible mess.
The magician instantly fixes the cards with a snap of the fingers...
...all except for one card... THE SELECTED CARD!

The Triumph plot has engaged card men, magicians and most importantly laypeople since it was first created. The original effect remains one of the strongest examples of harmonious construction of method, premise and technique.

In Oz Pearlman's Triumph DVD you get all the work on Dai Vernon's classic routine as well as variations, touches and additions that take the original routine in new and inspiring directions.

You'll learn
  • Original Triumph by Dai Vernon - The original routine in all its glory. Oz explains the importance of the story and its role within the structure of the original routine.
  • Renegade - No need for a table. Everything is done in the hands! This routine will go into your walk-around performances instantly.
  • Additions To The Original Display - Oz teaches two powerful displays you can add after the shuffle to make the deck appear deliciously mixed.
  • Color Changing Triumph - An eye-poppingly visual TRIUMPH that ends with a color changing deck! This one hits VERY hard.
  • Four Ace Triumph - The magician instantly fixes the deck... all except... one, two, three, FOUR cards... the four aces!
  • Oz Pearlman's Emerge Triumphant - One of Oz's signature effects. Mindblowing triple climax! Finish with the cards in new deck order!
  • Triumph Transportation - Luke Jermay's handling. An instant transport' of 26 cards!
The Middle Deal - Gambling demonstration that allows you to seemingly execute a perfect "middle deal"--a move so difficult it's become legendary. Classics are classics for a reason--because they work. Triumph is one of the enduring classics of card magic. Add Triumph to your act, and it will quickly become one of your signature effects.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 42min

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