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Precognition Deck Review

May 25th, 2009 12:49pm
Reviewed by Brian Reaves
If you put a little bit of your own touch on this, you might make a decent trick out of it. However, if you're going to go strictly by the directions you're heading into dangerous territory. For one thing, handing these to the spectator to count out will make you sick to your stomach the whole time they have them. One wrong move on their part (such as turning the deck to the side to see the backs) and you're busted.

Second, the kicker isn't a kicker at all. You're supposed to have done this amazing effect and you end with a very weak laugh at best. There's no way this makes sense.

If you want to salvage this effect, then YOU handle the cards and skip the countdown. Instead, do an instant ribbon spread and have them search for their card quickly. They won't find it, you scoop up the deck and slip it into your pocket or the case (and switch it out at the end for a normal deck if you want it examinable). The trick can end there (it's just a full-deck Princess Trick at that point). As an alternative, pull out the envelope and do that horrible "52 on 1" ending, but finish by pulling the card out of your wallet, shoe, pocket, or whatever. The unique build of the PD allows you to only have to carry a few cards on your person at a time. When they tell you the card they thought of, you just have to remember where you're holding that particular card.

Just come up with something on your own. Don't let the limitations of this deck keep you from performing some small miracle or another.
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Product info for Precognition Deck

Author: Chris Kenworthey
Publisher: Chris Kenworthey
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The magician tosses a deck of cards to any volunteer in the audience and relates that earlier in the day he had a premonition. He asks the volunteer to simply name any card in the deck-he has a completely free choice. The magician continues to explain that after his premonition he removed one card from the pack and placed it in his pocket.

The spectator himself then removes the cards from the case and counts them out, looking at each card's face. He gets all the way through the deck and finds there are only 51 cards, none of which were his named selection! The performer reaches into his pocket and removes one card...the spectator's selection!

No pocket indexes, roughing fluid, adhesives, short cards, deck switches or sleight-of-hand, the ingenious deck does it all for you
The deck is in the spectator's hands before the effect begins and the magician never touches the cards
Any of the 52 cards may be named
Comes complete with the very special deck of cards and fully-illustrated instructions.

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