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Little Green Lecture, The Review

Official Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
Bob Kohler advises "Only add Killers to your repertoire." Lance Burton has offered similar advice.

This small booklet contains only 5 effects, four of which are unabashed bombshells. (The other one is really good, but hey, we need to draw the line somewhere.)

Pit Hartling is a young man from Germany who garnered fame for his performances at the FISM in Japan as well as for his membership in the infamous Flicking Fingers group. This set of lecture notes is extremely well produced, easy to read, and a delight to learn from. But it is really the material which stands out.

Without going into detail, Chaos will fool you badly. VERY badly. Defect is just waiting to be used by any person working a "high tech" industry close up or trade show. Cupit is Pit's handling of a knock-out Tamarizian effect with a very charming and engaging presentational frame. Oh, it will still stun you as badly as its Andalusion ancestor. (In truth, those who have studied Tamariz will see many influences in Pit's work. If you liked Sonata, then know you must have these notes). Triathlon is a series of three card divinations of such increasing difficulty that it could possibly cause a synapse to snap. And finally, Robin Hood is a surprising In-The-Hands/Across-the-Room handling of Roy Walton's Collectors. Though my least favorite of the four, its still a very good trick.

If you wanted to dedicate yourself to learning just ONE card trick, super well, and have that be your signature card trick, anything in this book would prove worthwhile. Plus, the process of studying any one of these pieces would teach you more about the structure of great magic than 98% of the material being called "required reading" by novice lecturers dying to hit the magic club circuit today.

Great material, great production. Yea Team!

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Author: Hartling, Pit
Publisher: H&R Magic Books
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Pit Hartling's Little Green Lecture Notes describe five of Pit's favorite and most acclaimed card effects. Each is clearly and completely described and illustrated. One trick, Chaos is a virtually self-working trick involving two freely selected cards that completely stumped the experts at the FFFF gathering. Each description includes Pit's complete and memorable presentation.

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