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Coin Flux Review

May 12th, 2009 10:17pm
Reviewed by Brian Reaves
This is powerful close up magic. If you watch the demo video, you're probably thinking it couldn't be that simple, but it is. This is done slowly with no strange out of the way moves, and it will impress even you while you're doing it. This is an excellent close up trick for magicians of all skills, and it is one of the few that you can actually repeat a few seconds later and still fool them. As a matter of fact, that actually builds the strength of the routine!

I had to take off one star simply because you don't end as clean as I'd like to. This is a "look but don't touch" type of effect, which can cause problems in the wrong crowd. But on the plus side, it sets up quickly and takes very little practice to master.
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Author: Wayne Dobson and JB Magic
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Retail Price: $35.00
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The most diabolical, easy to do Matrix on the planet!


3 coin matrix with twist. If you are looking for a no move, unbelievable coin effect this is the one for you. Perform anywhere any time. 3 coins all gather under one card without any pick up moves, extra coins, shells etc. this is a serious fooler.

Comes complete with instructional DVD and all required cards and coins.

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