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Veracity Review

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April 16th, 2009 12:18pm
Reviewed by Christian
What you get is a special deck of cards, a shiner, and one page of instructions.

The premise of this card trick is being able to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth as you take playing cards out of a case one by one with your head turned, looking for their previously selected card.

The first problem I had with this trick is that the instructions were cryptic at best. I had to read through them many times in order to understand what I was supposed to do.

One of the highlights for me when looking at a Becker and Earl trick is the thoughtful scripting that accompanies the tricks. This is not the case with Veracity. In fact, no script supplied at all, only a concept of how to perform it. (not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that they have me conditioned to their unusually high standard)

My biggest disappointment with Veracity, is that I just don’t think this is a good trick. Although Lie Detector is a common magic/mentalism premise, this presentation simply does not seem compelling. It reads long and boring. The mechanics, cards, and concept will all work; I just don’t think this will be very entertaining. Basically, you will be putting the deck back in the case and pulling out cards one at a time without looking at them and asking the spectator if that is their card. When you finally get to their card you will know it.

On the upside, you are supplied with the Becker and Earl Demon Deck. This is a deck of cards that looks very much like a Bicycle deck. To the casual observer they will believe it is a Bicycle deck. However, with the deck you will be able to determine the card selected or the previous card through a simple and devious method. This makes the Demon Deck a very nice tool.

Overall, I did not find Veracity to be very exciting.
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Product info for Veracity

Author: Becker and Earle
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Manufacturer's Description:

A Lie Detector in a Card Case


Your participant shuffles and spreads the deck face down then slides out one card for himself.

He divides the deck into two piles and buries his card in either half, then squares the packet.

The half-deck is dropped back into the card case. One card at a time is removed (while the performer's head is turned) and shown to the participant for a remark about that card.

He may lie or tell the truth, his choice...

Each time, the performer determines the Veracity of what the participant said - and spots the lie each and every time!

After one card gets a 'different sort of reaction' the performer not only identifies it as the one chosen previously but also manages to determine it's value and suit using the same method.

  • Veracity requires no sleights.
  • Always ready.
  • Examinable (if you must).
  • Easy to do!

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