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April 27th, 2009 1:01pm
Reviewed by David Acer
On this inexpensively produced (and inexpensive) instructional DVD, Gary Jones and Chris Congreave perform (and teach) six new approaches to (and methods for) the Cards-to-Pocket plot (and effect), all (and each) of (among) which (at) are (and) interesting (HELP!).

In particular, I like "6 Cards to Pocket," an impromptu routine wherein the Ace through Six of any suit vanish from your hands one after the other (in sequential order) and appear in various pockets (the cards can also be signed). The routine is built so each vanish defuses whatever theory the spectators may have as to how the previous vanish occurred, and even watching it on DVD (i.e., removing any elements of misdirection), I was fooled by a couple of the phases.

Another stand-out for me was the alternate version of Chris Congreave's "CC Cards to Pocket," wherein the magician has one or several spectators sign the Ace through Four of the same suit, then makes the first three cards vanish from his hands and appear in various pockets. The fourth card (the Four) is then held by the spectator, whereupon it too vanishes (sort of) and turns up in a wallet that's been resting on the table from the outset.

Note that most of the better-known sleights used in the routines on this DVD go unexplained, like top palms, bottom palms, the Hamman Count, Elmsley Count and Vernon's Illusion of Depth (a.k.a. Tilt). However, Chris and Gary do teach the Malini Color Change, a variation of the Joe Berg top palm (in this case performed as you turn over the packet), Gary's own Top Con Control, and a few other subtleties.

Overall, I think any cardworker who buys "Pocket This" will find that it's a rich source of routines, ideas and British accents to imitate while making prank phone calls.

David Acer
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Product info for Pocket This

Author: Christopher Congreave and Gary Jones
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

GJ 6 Cards to Pocket (Gary Jones' signature routine)
Many magicians have been trying to get Gary to release this routine for years. Now he's finally sharing it with the magic community.

The cards, a signed ace to six, all vanish individually and appear in order in the magician's pocket. Gary Jones has been using this routine for many years, but this is arguably the best version of this classic. It can be performed close up, cabaret and parlor.

CC Cards to Pocket
The signed ace to four vanish one at a time. The first three appear in the magician's pockets, the final card vanishes from inside the spectator's hand and appears inside the magician's wallet (which has been on the table all along!) Highly Commercial.

CC Cards to Pocket - Alternative Ending

GJ Pocket to Pocket (incorporating Gary's Ambitious Card)
A fantastic sequence that is stunning on its own or you can add to any ambitious card routine, your spectators won't believe their eyes!!!

GJ Repeat Signed Cards to Pocket
3 cards are selected and signed. One at a time they appear in different pockets, then as quick as a flash they instantly jump straight back to the pockets. Excellent!

Top Con Control
A new, easy and deceptive way to control a card to the top of the pack.

John Carey's inspired by Lance (performed by Christopher Congreave)
4 kings are placed onto the table and a signed card placed in between them. The signed card vanishes from between the kings and appears in your pocket. Again, you show the cards but this time the cards are isolated in the spectator's hand. BOOM!! Under these impossible conditions the signed card again vanishes, and makes it appearance back to your pocket. Commercial magic at its best.

Bonus: GJ's No Sleep Plus - A brilliant transposition routine. I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Running Time Approximately 2hr 07min

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