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Out of Order Review

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April 6th, 2009 8:10pm
Reviewed by David Acer
Gone are the days when packet tricks ruled the glass-topped display counters at magic shops, but Cameron Francis has drawn blood from a pasteboard mosquito in playing-card amber and used it to create a new breed of plastic-coated predator. (if you hear beeping, that's the sound of me trying to back the hell out of this metaphor)

Here's what the audience sees. Upon finishing a trick with a regular deck, and maybe after having destroyed or given away a signed card as a souvenir, the magician mentions that he does this every time he performs, so he always brings some blank cards on which he can print replacements. To demonstrate, he introduces and openly displays seven cards that are blank on both sides, then gives one to a spectator to insert anywhere in the deck. Once inserted, the two cards on either side of the blank card are removed and tabled face-up, whereupon the magician touches three of the double-blank cards to either one of the selections, instantly creating three clones (at least on their faces).

The remaining three double-blank cards are touched to the second selection, but for some reason, they refuse to print, whereupon the magician notes that these cards are "out of order," and turns them over, showing those exact words now printed on each of their backs.

Finally, with the help of some incidental contact, the backs of the first three blank cards quickly assume the identity of the second selection, so those cards are now double-facers (i.e., each card has the face of selection number 1 on one side and the face of selection number 2 on the other). At this point all six double-blank cards have printed in unexpected ways and everything is examinable. Of course there's the little matter of the double-blank card that's still in the deck, but, if you plan on proceeding with other card tricks, you can openly retrieve that and pocket it, since you "might need it later."

This is Cameron's take on Peter Kane's Wild Card, with a nod to John Bannon's Call of the Wild as his more direct inspiration (specifically the idea of giving the effect three distinct climaxes). Everything you need to perform the routine is included with the DVD, and in case you're not already familiar with the necessary sleights, you'll get a chance to learn the Hamman Count, the Elmsley Count, the Ascanio Spread, The Carlyle Turnover, and Bill Simon's Prophecy move. As a bonus, Cameron also teaches another fun trick using one of the gimmicked cards called "No Biddle Biddle."

All in all, this is a cool packet trick wherein the magic is motivated by a realistic (if not entirely real) need. That should make it appealing to all card workers, even those with an aversion to bringing out a few special cards just for one trick.

David Acer

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Author: Cameron Francis
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Manufacturer's Description:

A Strangely Skewed Wild Card Effect Effect

Explaining that magicians go through a LOT of playing cards you display a packet of special 'printer cards' - blank on both sides - That you explain can be used to print new cards. Two selections are made from an ordinary pack, let's say the Jack of Hearts and the Ten of Spades. You continue, ", if I wanted to make a copy of the Jack of Hearts, all I do is rub it on the printer cards and...", one by one you print three perfect duplicates of the Jack of Hearts! Turning your attention to the selection; you attempt to print a few duplicate Ten of Spades but nothing seems to be happening. It's now that you realize that some of your printer cards are actually out of order. The blanks are turned over to reveal large 'OUT OF ORDER' signs on the back! Undeterred you soldier on and for a finale, proceed to print three duplicate Ten of Spades right on the backs of the Jack of Heart you printed earlier!

From the man who brought you 'Fresh Mint' and 'Snapped' comes 'Out of Order' - a dynamite packet trick that cannot fail to amaze! 'Out of Order' delivers three distinct climaxes, each more impossible than the last and, when the trick is over, every card can be Fully Examined!

'Out of Order' is totally customizable to any presentation you can think of instead of 'Out of Order' the cards might deliver a humorous message or be emblazoned with the name of your corporate client.

The 'Out of Order' DVD will guide you step by step through every detail of the handling and includes a second bonus effect that also makes use of the enclosed gaff cards.

The Packet Trick is Back and there are very few better than Cameron Francis' 'Out of Order'.

100% Examinable, Totally Customizable, Includes Cards, DVD, and Bonus Effect.

Running Time Approximately 42min

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