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Reconstruction Review

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July 15th, 2009 8:14am
Reviewed by David Acer
Lately, among his many other creative pursuits, Jay Sankey has been tackling classic card plots like they're Rubik's Cubes, twisting and turning them a variety of ways until the results are something fresh and new. "Reconstruction" is an excellent example, and a trick I've been having lots of fun doing.

The magician invites someone to peek at any card in the deck (let's say it's the Two of Diamonds), whereupon he gives the pack a few cuts, purportedly bringing the selection to the top. But when he turns over the top card, it's the Three of Diamonds, not the Two. The magician says, "I think I can still work with this," as he flips the card face down and has the spectator write his (or her) first name on its back, then he removes it from the pack and shows it on both sides before folding down the corners with the indices, thereby covering each number Three - "Now it looks a little more like a Two." Scrutinizing the card further, he turns his attention to the middle pip and says, "But this diamond is a problem." Suddenly, he peels the diamond in question off the middle of the card and gives it to the spectator, so now, with the corners folded down, the card really is beginning to look like a Two. Finally, he makes a magical gesture, then he unfolds the corners, revealing that the indices have become Twos.

Naturally, this is a simple card change, a plot for which many methods already exist, ranging from the Erdnase Change, to a Himber Wallet, to Jim Steinmeyer's "Fade In Fade Out Cabinet" (although that might be overdoing it). But Jay's approach builds, resulting in a memorable souvenir, and it's rendered even more impactful (that's a word, dammit!) by the fact that Jay presents the effect as if he's improvising, not like the spectator has been confuscated. (okay, that one I made up) Jay also does his usual excellent job teaching different ways to present the routine using techniques that cater to a broad range of skill levels.

In short, every layman for whom I've performed "Reconstruction" really (really!) liked it, and I think you will too.

David Acer

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Author: Jay Sankey
Publisher: Sankey Magic
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Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

  • 'Reconstruction' Refills now just $4.99!
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  • Includes full-length DVD and 100 die-cut gimmicks, 25 for each of the 4 suits!

"Reconstruction blew me away. The ending is a moment of REAL MAGIC. This is Sankey at his absolute best."-Richard Sanders

"Reconstruction elevates one of the simplest effects in card magic to showpiece status."-David Acer

"Reconstruction is going to be one of the best-selling tricks in 2009. No question about it."-Alex Chan

"I've never sat in the front row at a lecture before and I'm VERY HAPPY I did because I got a chance to experience Jay's performance of 'Reconstruction' just like a real spectator and it was a thing of beauty. Yes it's crazy simple, but that's actually what makes it so AMAZING. I've been doing card tricks for 6 years now and Jay still 'got me' with the change of the indexes at the end. I work on the NY transit system and almost every day I show someone Reconstruction and every single time it
blows them AWAY!"-Mike Johnson

"After seeing Jay's handlings and playing with the gimmicks, I fell in love! A million ideas came to mind. If you are looking for something fresh, this is for you!" -Mike Skutt

"I can't wait to buy RECONSTRUCTION!! A magician friend who went to a lecture of yours showed me the trick. All I can say is WOW. He had me fooled the whole way, and then the end blew my mind. GREAT effect!"-Jason Nix

"It's so powerful because it's so simple!"-Rod Denton

"Yes, like everybody is saying, Reconstruction is very commercial, easy
and practical. But it's also a lot of FUN. Being so far ahead of the audience is fantastic!"-Blake Frantz

"If you only add one new card trick to you repertoire this year, make it Reconstruction."-David S.

"A one move magic monster!"-Gary J.

"Reconstruction is going to be HUGE. The next Cardtoon!"-Walten B.

"Jay Sankey's Reconstruction is one of the simpliest and easiest card tricks anyone has released in a while. It's also one of the very best!"-Martin P

"I have had some of the most crazy reactions of my life with this effect! The first time i preformed this effect the spectator looked like I was peeling off a portal into her brain!-Richard Smith

"Reconstruction is a definite closer and is destined to be a new Sankey classic. My audiences are still picking their jaws up off the floor. They couldn't stop examining the card when I was done."-Mike Reynolds

"RECONSTRUCTION is one of Jay's best tricks yet. It is an ingenious idea with an even simpler handling. I was preforming this for my friends the other day and one of them flipped out, and I don't just mean like "Oh my god, how did you do that." The reaction was: *gasp* HOLY COW, STOP MESSING WITH MY MIND" and they fell out of there chair they were so amazed. Jay you've done it again!"-Chris Lovell

"You're so far ahead from the very beginning with this trick that you can really concentrate on presentation! Kick-ass ending when the corners are exposed!! Extremely visual!"-Don Podlas

"I think that Reconstruction will be a new Sankey classic. It is up there with Paperclipped. It is just that good." -Todd Goldman

"When Jay performed Reconstruction at the lecture it's one of the very few times I've heard a room full of magicians gasp out loud."-Tyler G.

RECONSTRUCTION comes complete with 100 specially printed, die-cut gimmicks plus a full-length instructional DVD featuring several variations on the Classic Handling including the UNSIGNED
HANDLING where you can use the same card again and again!


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