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Enclavor & Liberator Review

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July 13th, 2009 9:03am
Reviewed by David Acer
France's Duraty has an interesting if eclectic publishing history in North America, ranging from his poetic and playful jumbo packet trick, "House Mouse," released by The Camirand Academy in the mid 1990s, to his strange and wonderful soda-cracker trick in The Magical Arts Journal. "Enclavor Liberator" (loosely translated into "Link Unlink") is another unusual departure, based on a linking-string effect by Paul Curry, which Duraty has fleshed out into an eye-popping, multi-phase routine.

Two spectators are invited to stand on either side of the magician as he introduces two 18-inch lengths of thin cord (supplied). While the spectators hold the ends, and with the cords irrefutably separated, they link at their centers under increasingly impossible conditions. Next, with the cords clearly linked at the center, the magician closes his hand around the conjoined middle, then has the spectators pull on the ends, whereupon the cords magically separate. The separate cords are then each folded in half and pointed in opposite directions with their centers overlapping on the magician's palm. He closes his hand into a fist around them, then, with his free hand, he reaches into his pocket and brings out a gold ring. He drops the ring into his fist, whereupon the spectators are invited to pull on the ends of the strings, which are protruding from opposite sides of the magician's fist, but after separating an inch or so, they appear to get snagged. The magician opens his hand, showing the ring to be linked to the center of both strings. At the end (and at any point during), everything is examinable.

That's the basic "Enclavor Liberator" routine, but Duraty provides a few additional sequences with the strings, including a pretty "travelling ring" effect in which a spectator's ring is tied to a loop on one string, then travels invisibly to a loop on the other string. He also imparts a phase in which each string is tied into a loop, then the loops link, and a fun "quickie" wherein the two strings are tied together, then penetrate the magician's thigh (a la "rope through body").

Overall, this product is less like a typical one-off, one-trick DVD and more like a Masters-of-Magic (or Stars-of-Magic) style teach-in. As a matter of full disclosure, I should also mention that I provided the English voice-over for Duraty's French explanations, and I can tell you that the producer, Guy Camirand, went to great lengths to ensure that every detail of the method is crystal clear.

David Acer

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Author: Duraty
Publisher: Camirand
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Incredible Linking & Unlinking Cords

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Two fully-examinable, 24-inch cords pass through each other like smoke, linking and unlinking in increasingly impossible ways, without the benefit of gimmicks, boxes, or difficult sleight-of-hand. Next, a finger ring is borrowed, then threaded onto one cord, whereupon it travels instantly and impossibly to the other. And that`s just the beginning! 18 tricks and techniques are taught on this detailed DVD featuring Duraty's legendary strings-and-ring routine! Every phase is eye popping, every method ingenious, and the routine can be performed close-up or on stage! Comes with the perfect cords and rings so you can start learning this astonishing miracle right away!

Running time 59 minutes.

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