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Mirage Et Trois Review

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June 22nd, 2009 11:18am
Reviewed by David Acer
The magic community needs another Fingertip Coins Across routine like it needs a Lota Toilet Bowl, so if you're sitting at home right now hatching a plan to release your own version, you'd better be bringing more to the party than a few modified finger positions. Still worse for would-be variationists, Eric Jones has officially raised the bar with Mirage et Trois, a beautiful, genuinely entertaining approach bookended by a magical production and vanish of the three coins.

In terms of mechanics, most of the sleights involved will be familiar to coin workers - Ramsay Subtlety, Retention Vanish (used as a shuttle pass), Kainoa Harbottle's Steeplechase Change, the production of a coin from J.W. (i.e., Jimmy Wilson) Grip, etc - but Eric has reorganized and repurposed them in ways that lead to surprising results. In fact, even experts will likely find novel sequences to integrate into their own three-coin routines, including:

* A playful phase near the beginning where the apparent production of a third coin at the fingertips of the magician's free hand repeatedly turns out to be a transposition of the second coin from his other hand.

* Three striking translocations in less than three seconds with a single coin (called "The Flurry").

* A great one-two-three vanish at the end where all three coins begin in a spread at the fingertips of one hand, then each is taken by the other hand and squeezed into nothingness without any clumsy retransferring.

Mirage et Trois is not for beginners, despite boasting crystal clear explanations (and Eric Jones is exceptionally smooth, so he makes everything look easy), but anyone with even intermediate coin skills should have no trouble learning this excellent routine.

David Acer
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Author: Eric Jones
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Imagine three coins being produced before your very eyes one at a time from thin air, traversing from hand to hand at the fingertips and then vanishing as quickly as they came. This has to be seen to be believed. This is Mirage et Trois.

Eric Jones presents to you three separate, complete coin effects that flow seamlessly into one cohesive routine:

Out With Three: A comical three coin production that will have your audience scratching their heads with disbelief.

S.V.C.A. (Spectator's Visible Coins Across): One of Eric's signature effects. Three coins fly from hand to hand in the most visual way possible. This is what real magic should look like.

KKK (Three Klan Vanish): A three coin vanish that solves many problems for the serious coin worker.

Running Time Approximately 66min

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