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Miracles - The Magic of James Swain Vol. 1 Review

September 4th, 2009 8:49am
Reviewed by Scott Brown
It was a real pleasure to finally see James Swain in action on his L&L release "Miracles - The Magic of James Swain". I have long heard of his reputation as an expert card mechanic, as well as his ability to entertain. Despite a few minor complaints, I was really pleased with this effort!

Volume 1 is Mr. Swain's Gambling Act. I have no doubt this was the "cornerstone" of his act; with just as little doubt that if you learn and master this act your audiences will believe you too are an expert card mechanic! Included are the requisite flourishes and dealing demonstrations as well as some unique mind-blowers such as Playing Heavy. It was a pleasure to see such a well structured routine with some one of a kind twists, without being cliched as many gambling routines are.

If you are thinking of adding one to your show or gambling is just your cup of tea do not hesitate to pick this disc up.

Product info for Miracles - The Magic of James Swain Vol. 1

Author: James Swain
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The material contained in these four DVDs has entertained laymen and fooled magicians for nearly 40 years. These are not simply tricks, but time-tested miracles that will leave a lasting impression on your audiences for years to come. Many have been performed on television - including CBS Sunday Morning and FOX TV - while the rest have been tested on audiences during thousands of performances. I hope you enjoy them.

- Magically, James Swain

DVD #1 - The Gambling Act

This act was the cornerstone of my performances for five years, and has fooled the best in the business. Learn this act, and audiences will believe you're the best card mechanic in the world!

Gambling Act Routines:

  • Opening Flourishes
  • Four Ace Revelation
  • Aces to Royal Flush
  • Dealing Demonstration (with the best pseudo center deal ever)
  • Playing Heavy (a mind-blower)
  • Poker Demonstration
  • Steering
  • Weighing the Cards
  • Tells Part I
  • Tells Part II
  • Bonus Routine: Cheating at Texas Hold 'Em
Running Time Approximately 1hr 52min

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