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The T&R Project (2 DVD Set) Review

Official Review

March 17th, 2009 12:55pm
Reviewed by David Acer
While not strictly a torn-and-restored card, Huron Low's "Fire in the Hole" (which occupies Disc One of this two-disc set) is a genuinely unique, strikingly visual approach to destroying and restoring a signed selection. A freely chosen card is initialed (or otherwise marked) by both the magician and the spectator, whereupon the magician takes a scalpel to it, openly cutting out a large, rectangular window. He then introduces a small piece of flash paper sporting a drawing of a grenade (which Huron calls a "time bomb") and sticks it over the window like a Post-It Note, though it doesn't quite cover the whole thing. Upon igniting the flash paper, the window is instantly restored, and the card can be handed out as a souvenir.

Given the preparation involved, and the minor angle restrictions, you might not want to perform this for every group during a walkaround show, but when the opportunity arises, it's a guaranteed brain-blaster. In fact, "Fire in the Hole" alone would be enough reason to buy this two-disc offering, but there are four more intriguing effects included wherein cards are somehow disfigured, then restored, all of which employ radically different (and seriously interesting) methods. In particular, "Making Ends Meet," a piece-by-piece, three-quarter restoration of a selected card, is strong enough to have been released separately, given its unusual premise of pieces being restored in the wrong places before the errors are "magically" corrected.

I would like to have seen Huron perform at least some of these routines for laypeople, as opposed to alone in a room for a video camera, but regardless, there's no denying this is great magic.

David Acer

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Author: Huron Low
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Manufacturer's Description:

Windows Media Video File View "FitH" Clip

Windows Media Video File View "Four" Clip

The Torn and Restored Project is a revolutionary collection of Torn and Restored card effects.

It is a two-DVD set comprising "Fire in the Hole" and "Four".

For those of you who have known this for years, your wait is finally over! For those of you who do not know, here's what it is all about:

The torn and restored plot has fascinated magicians for years, with countless methods and handlings with varying degrees of visual power, difficulty and practicality. One of the highest requested effects I have during shows are to rip a card up and to put it back together. But here's a fact: Most Torn and Restored card effects look exactly the same. Merely repeating what another magician once did will not create a unique, memorable experience for your audience. So how are you going to make your routine stand out from the rest?

Welcome to The T&R Project, a mind-blowing collection of 5 revolutionary torn and restored effects. There has never been anything that even comes close to looking like what is presented inside the box you now hold.


DISC 1: FitH (Fire in the Hole)

The is how the revolution began. This legendary effect created waves amidst the magic community years ago, and has never been released...until now.

A card is freely selected and is signed twice on the back by a spectator on the top and on the bottom. Details are then written on the face of the card, making the car5d significantly unique. Any signature is selected and cleanly sliced out with a pen-knife.

A "time bomb" is introduced and placed over the hole. The bomb is lit and burst into flames, enveloping the hole in a swirl of fire, visually sealing the hole -- blasting the card back in time -- so it is now fully restored.


The angel at the back of the signed bicycle card is colored a solid black with permanent ink. With a gentle wave the ink on the angel visually fades away, morphing back into the angel.

Angel Redux
The angel at the back of a signed, freely selected bicycle card is cleanly sliced out with a pen-knife, leaving a circular hole in the selection. With a gentle wave, the angle visually and gradually regenerates in full view, making the card whole once again.

A signed card is folded in half and has its middle ripped out. First the ripped out piece teleports from the magician's pocket back to the destroyed card, fully restored it. Then the piece is ripped out again and placed in the magician's mouth. He spits it out at the torn area, visually restoring the card with absolutely no cover.

Making Ends Meet
The first "mismatch" style piece by piece ever. A signed card is cleanly ripped up, and mismatched at every phase of restoration, correcting itself as it goes along...until the end. There's even a phase where a wrongly restored piece steadily slides by its fibers over the correct side. For the finale, the last piece is that the spectator has been holding onto the entire time suddenly changes in color, permanently mismatching it from the rest of the card.


Subtleties and the psychology of every effect are discussed in depth, making every routine a pure work of art. Alternate handlings for every effect are given to suit your performance style with multiple endings to choose from:

  • A way to restore Fire in the Hole without fire, and without any cover.
  • A way to have the signed cut-out piece ripped into shreds by the spectator, then in an instant, having the pieces restore, and have that piece restore back on the signed card at the same time!
  • A way to perform Making Ends Meet with the card fully restoring...but that's not all. The last piece restores...MISMATCHED.
  • A way in Angel to have the ink visually morph into the card's value rather than just fade away.
An easy, natural, and INVISIBLE way to conceal folded cards in your hands as an alternative to finger palming. This DVD set takes this plot to a much higher level then ever seen before.

All the effects have MULTI-ANGLED studio performances and tutorials and explain everything in painstaking detail.

All routines leave the spectator-signed card examinable after the effect, and the cards can be given out as souvenirs.

These routines are direct, trenchant and sensational.

There is something for everybody here, and every effect is as powerful as the other in different situations.

DISC 1 Running Time Approximately 1hr 09min

DISC 2 Running Time Approximately 1hr 41min

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