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I Hate David Copperfield Trick Review

Official Review

May 25th, 2009 12:50pm
Reviewed by Scott Brown
The "I Hate David Copperfield Trick" by Geoff Williams is a great improvement of one of the greatest packet tricks of all time "The Close Up Illusion" by Larry Jennings. With some of the smallest adjustments you can see why this was one of two packet tricks that Larry Jennings would do. With just three cards, you can create the same amazement created by stage illusionists.

If you do walk around or just enjoy performing close up for friends. This is one trick you will want to add to your repertoire immediately!
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Author: Geoff Williams
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The performer asks, "Would you like to see the I Hate David Copperfield trick? Do you know why I call it that? Because "I Hate David Copperfield". I actually don't hate him. He's a really nice guy and a great magician... it's just that every time people find out I'm a magician they start comparing me to him. "Can you walk through the Great Wall of China?" "Can you make the Statue of Liberty disappear?" "Do you date a super model?" That last one hurts the most. So I decided to do something Copperfield can't do. A close-up illusion that happens right before your eyes."

The performer then visibly and cleanly melts one card through another in a manner that looks like trick photography... but live in person, and 3 times!

Geoff Williams' I Hate David Copperfield Trick is an ultra-visual, ultra-practical, and ultra-cool handling and presentation for Larry Jennings' wonderful "The Close-Up Illusion" trick. This is a miracle that you will carry with you all of the time and absolutely will blow your audiences away. This looks like real magic...even to YOU as you do it.

"The 'I Hate David Copperfield' Trick is Williams' take on Larry Jennings 'The Close-Up Illusion.' That classic is one of my bread-and-butter routines, but my jaw dropped when I saw what Williams did with it."
- Shane -

"...eye-popping additions to Larry Jennings' 'The Close-Up Illusion.'"
- David Acer

Running Time Approximately 15min

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