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SCOnK (Signed Card on Key Ring) Review

Official Review

April 23rd, 2009 10:51am
Reviewed by Scott Brown
Some may think I am being cruel or hyper critical with my review; however we should be united in preserving quality in magic. SCONK or Signed Card on Key Ring by Jordan Johnson is an example of learning a good magic principle and rushing to apply it to something else in order to put out a magic product to make some money on the unassuming public.

The principle used here is quite old. It goes back at least to "20th Century Cards" in the Jinx, of course there is no crediting on this disc. As with most products that are rushed into, Jordan has missed the real strength of other products that use the same principle. Products such as Tag, show a hole in a totally different card - that's strong and well thought out!
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Author: Jordan Johnson
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SCOnK (Signed Card On Keyring) - A spectator's signed card vanishes from the deck and ends up locked onto their own key ring.

From the creator of HOLY GRAIL, one of the greatest visual advancements to the torn and restored card plot and INKED, the ultimate tattoo card reveal, JORDAN JOHNSON brings you a new "impossible location" illusion that is sure to grab your audience's attention.

A deck of cards enters play. A spectator picks a card and signs it. The magician returns the card to the deck and borrows a set of keys from the spectator and threads two indifferent cards onto the ring. Suddenly the signed card vanishes from the deck and appears between two indifferent cards!

The group goes wild. People begin to faint. A woman experiences immaculate conception. Okay, not really, but they do scream and love the effect. This is the kind of magic that stands out from the normal garden variety stuff other magicians have been doing.

Strikingly different. Imaginative. Intriguing. Perplexing.

A cool card to impossible location effect that you can do right out of the box.

This is REAL magic. SCOnK.

Running Time Approximately 30min

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