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Twister Continuum (With Gimmick) Review

Official Review

May 6th, 2009 1:01pm
Reviewed by David Acer
In the U.K., Stephen Tucker's name is synonymous with ingenious card magic, just as Nick Trost, Phil Goldstein and J.K. Hartman's names are in the U.S. But, unlike his American counterparts, Stephen Tucker's name is also an anagram of "Cent Keep Hurts," clearly a Karmic message from the universe to unburden yourself of your money, and what better way to start than by purchasing this DVD.

In "Twister Continuum," Mr. Tucker explores a multitude of uses for a novel gimmicked card (supplied, though fairly easy to construct yourself), starting with a bare-bones application upon which most of the variations are based. But the routines get progressively more interesting as the DVD continues, with four of the best being:

• ROYALLY TWISTED: The magician re-enacts a dream he had as he introduces a packet of four face-down Aces. In the dream, each of the Aces turned face up one after the other, whereupon the magician dipped his free hand into his pocket and removed a fifth card to complete the poker hand. Unfortunately, it was a fifth Ace. Commenting that, in a real game, this could result in serious bodily harm, the magician demonstrates how he simply changed the other four cards into the Ten through King of Spades, making a Royal Flush. Everything is examinable and you end clean.

• TWIST AGAIN: The magician introduces a packet of four cards and tells the audience that they're two red Kings facing two black Kings, but when he shows the cards, they're clearly Aces, not Kings. The magician goes on to explain that he has in fact hypnotized the audience, and they're actually seeing Aces, even though the cards are Kings. He snaps his fingers, purportedly breaking the trance, then he shows the cards again, and indeed, they're now Kings. Then he says, "Actually, you're still under hypnosis, because I keep the Aces and Kings in my pocket," whereupon, with his free hand, he reaches into his pocket and removes all eight Aces and Kings. He concludes by showing that the cards in his hand are actually the four Tens. Everything is examinable and you end clean.

• ANOTHER TWIST: The magician introduces a five-card packet, which he calls his calculator, that's made up of one blue-backed card and four red-backed cards. The blue-backed card (a.k.a. the "calculator screen") is shown to be blank, then tabled face down. Each of the four face-down red-backed cards then magically turns face-up, one after the other, revealing an Ace, Two, Three and Four of Clubs. In case anyone is interested in seeing the total, the magician turns over the tabled, blue-backed card (i.e., the calculator screen), showing it to now be the 10 of Clubs, whereupon he makes a magical gesture to clear the rest of the calculator (i.e., the other four cards), all of which are now blank. Everything is examinable and you end clean.

• TORNADO TWISTER: The magician introduces four face-down Fives, then each Five turns face up, one after the other. The magician then makes a magical gesture, attempting to send the Fives to his pocket, but they don't seem to budge, whereupon, with his free hand, he reaches into his pocket and removes the four Twos. He says, "If these Twos jumped out of the Fives, that should leave me with...", as he turns the original packet face up, showing that it's now comprised of four Threes. Everything is examinable and you end clean.

I should also mention that several of the tricks on this DVD require slightly different versions of the gimmick that's supplied, but they're all easy enough to construct and can be made in less than 10 minutes. There are 9 effects in total employing some form of the gimmick, plus two bonus routines—Mr. Tucker's start-to-finish, one-phase handling for Paul Harris's "Immaculate Connection" (which can be done with a borrowed deck), and an unusual method for apparently foretelling the position of a freely thought-of card in the deck (which can also be done with a borrowed deck, if it happens to be in reverse Stebbins order).

"Twister Continuum" is a great example of how one-gimmick DVDs should be produced. The magic is well shot, the tricks are well taught (with assistance from the very entertaining Owen Packard), and the concept is rich enough to warrant multiple variations.

David Acer
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Author: Stephen Tucker
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The routines taught on this DVD make use of an ingenious hand-made gimmick (supplied), constructed from Bicycle cards, which is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It will allow you to simulate FISM level, award-winning magic, but WITHOUT ANY SLEIGHT OF HAND!

Stephen Tucker and Owen Packard even teach you how to build your own variations of the original gimmicks for use with other routines.

The TWISTER gimmick can expand to full poker card size, or diminish itself to half-card size. When expanded, you can perform the following routines, and at the conclusion of each and every one...EVERYTHING IS EXAMINABLE!

TWISTER - one at a time the four kings flip face...then they change into the four aces!

TWISTED NERVES - after 'twisting' the kings face up, their FACES jump to your pocket, leaving you holding four blank faced cards!

TONGUE TWISTER - four signed selections are set aside. After 'twisting' the aces, they change into the four signed selections. Those cards set aside earlier? They're now the aces!

TORNADO TWISTER - in this bizarre mathemagical routine you 'twist (say) the four fives, then try to make them vanish and reappear in your pocket. You are ALMOST successful, as the four twos travel to your pocket - leaving you holding the four threes!

WILD TWISTER - a version of the late, great Peter Kane's Wild Card routine. After 'twisting' (say) the four kings, you introduce a joker and use it (as the Wild Card) to change the kings into four jokers.

PLUS - Twist Again, Royally Twisted, Technicolor Dream-Twist and Additional Twist.

That's ELEVEN superb routines, plus tips, ideas and nuances, all using Stephen Tucker's incredible TWISTER gimmick. And remember - they are all accomplished WITHOUT ANY SLEIGHT OF HAND!

Two bonus routines are also performed AND explained.

  • IMPROMPTU MISSING LINK - an awesome linking card routine
  • SNIBBETS IS ACAAAN - Any Card At Apparently Any Number
Includes precision made gimmick on Bicycle card stock!

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