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Akross Review

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August 31st, 2009 7:57am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
I really tried to give this DVD and its author a chance, but after several attempts, I just couldn't do it. I watched the Akross DVD, and after several minutes of listening to Sean explain the effect and talk about it and explain it and talk about it and explain it and talk about it, I just got sick of it.

On top of that, he pitches this like it's the most amazing breakthrough since splitting the atom. Using his best Don Lapre voice he goes on and on about how amazing this effect is. Of course the basic method is old as the hills.

Finally after he stops going on and on about the effect, we see a clip of him performing the effect for a table, even though in his earlier ramblings he made it clear that you MUST see it performed live for real people. Then of course during the performance, key pieces are edited out. I understand editing for the sake of a preview to help prevent the secret from being exposed, but once you've purchased, you should get an actual performance of the effect, unedited.

On the back of the DVD cover you will find these words: "No Palming. No gaffed decks. No Joke." Well there is a joke and it's on everyone who spent $25.00 bucks to get this DVD. First of all, the deck is gaffed. Unless red/blue double backers and short cards don't count as gaffs.

The explanations are shot with him sitting backwards on a chair with his hands in an awkward position so you can't see the cards. The whole thing was poorly filmed. Overall, I really can't find any redeeming qualities for this.

Because I really try hard to give a fair and honest review, I want to make sure that I'm not just being a jerk, and because I felt there were no redeeming qualities to the DVD, I felt a bit like I was being a jerk, so I went to his website to check out what other products he may have, and right off the bat on the home page I see a product called "X-Rated" and another called "Explicit Content."

I don't know what those tricks are, and I have no interest in finding out. It would just appear that the more I try to find interest in Sean or his work, the more "turned off" I am. Sorry for the harshness. Also remember, I'm just one man, and this is just one man's opinion.

For those of you who appreciate the Don Lapre reference, here's a spoof of Don Lapre. Before you click that link, realize that the one at the top of this review is real. Watching it, you may think it's a joke, but it is actually a real infomercial. The one in this paragraph, however, is a joke much like Sean's Akross DVD.

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Author: Sean Fields
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Cards Across is a modern classic. Now Sean Fields has tackled the plot, and taken it in new, exciting directions!

Imagine causing ANY NUMBER of signed selections to vanish from a red backed deck, only to appear in a blue backed deck, while the decks are being held by spectators!

No palming. No gaffed decks. No joke.

This is Akross!

Akross has garnered rave reviews from those who have had the opportunity to learn it, now you can see what all the hype is about!

Not only will you learn Akross, but you will also learn:

  • Krossed up - cause 2 selections, 1 red and 1 blue, to transpose under the same test conditions as Akross.
  • Singularity - cause a THOUGHT of card to travel from 1 half of the deck to the other. This is a reputation maker!
  • Duality - Cause 2 cards to change places... VISIBLY! This is incredible to witness!
Akross. Cards across. Redefined.

Running Time Approximately 38min

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