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Die-Cipher II Review

January 5th, 2003 7:54am
Reviewed by Christian
This is an interesting trick to review. The quality of this prop is outstanding. The brass feels good and solid. Even your audience will marvel at the nice workmanship put into this fine piece of art. And yes, you can hand it out and let them examine it with a microscope if you desire.

The advertisements do not lie. The spectator puts the die in the canister, remembers the top number, seals it and hands it back to you. You put on your best face of consternation and announce the number. Gasps from the crowd greet your ears. Do it again they holler, and you can. You can repeat it all day long.

Wow, this is great, could there be any downside to this? Well, kind of. I mean, how many brass dies does one see in a lifetime? Ummm, none. And what a nifty container that is to put it in. Where did you get that? Ummm, let me get back with you on that one.

It is a super well made prop, but beyond that, what is it? That is the question you must resolve with yourself and the audience when you get this trick. To elevate it from a puzzle to a piece of magic will take you coming up with some creative scripting. That being said, it is a nice piece of craftsmanship. I can only deduct one star for being a tad too (prop-ee). If that is a word!!

Oh, one more thing. For you restaraunt workers, instant reset.

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Author: Leach, Chuck
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While your back is turned, a spectator examines a solid brass die, a round canister and its lid. He places the die inside the canister, any way he chooses, and remembers the numbers on top. He places the lid on the canister, sealing the die inside. You turn around, pick up the canister, concentrate for a moment, then announce the number that he is thinking of. Unlike other versions on the market, Die-Cipher II can tell you exactly what number a spectator selected on a die that is sealed in a container. No fishing, nothing is spoken or written. You can perform the effect without looking at the canister, or without touching it. It is immediately repeatable and examinable. Die-Cipher II has an improved design that eliminates the need to turn the box over.

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