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Mercury Matchbox Review

Official Review

February 6th, 2009 12:05pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
I'm pleased with the execution of Mercury Matchbox as a magic product. The gimmicked matchbox is well made and the accompanying DVD has good lighting and sound. It even shows a little restraint when it comes to special effects and transitions.

However, despite the long chapter list, there isn't very much depth, or length, to the DVD. I felt slightly fooled as the different chapters took me to places, sometimes just a mere minutes apart, in what is really just one 10 minute video. I'm not advocating for filler, but there are clearly handling tips that could have been discussed. These are evident when you watch the performance, such as when the gimmick is checked to be sure it's properly seated, but you'll have to watch very closely to discern them. It makes me wonder what other important handling tips are going unmentioned.

So as a product, Mercury Matchbox is mostly OK. As an effect, however, I find it a bit lacking. Firstly, when the folded card is revealed inside the box the card is lying flat. Too flat. Secondly, while the having the advantage of being an everyday object and thus not subject to much suspicion, the matchbox can't withstand a close visual inspection and, in my opinion, is unjustified in the routine. Compare this to Mystery Box, for example, which looks exactly correct when the card is inside and is justified as a special object.

If Mercury Matchbox were 30% lower in cost I'd be inclined to give it a better review as a less expensive alternative to something like Mystery Box. But while well-produced, the lack of depth and potential problems make it a middling product. It's not that you'll be disappointed Mercury Matchbox, it's that there are better alternatives.
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Product info for Mercury Matchbox

Author: Mark Southworth
Publisher: Illusioncraft
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $40.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Illusioncraft is proud to present Mercury Matchbox by Mark Southworth. The card box is on the table in full view of the spectator. A card is freely selected, signed and returned to the middle of the deck. The performer announces that the card is no longer in the deck, and that it is now in the card box.

The spectator opens the card box and empties out the contents. To their surprise there is a matchbox inside. The performer takes the matchbox, opens it and unbelievably reveals that there is a folded up playing card inside. The performer tips it out, and proceeds to unfold it. It is the spectators signed card!

  • Instant reset
  • Easy to perform
  • Available in red or blue Bicycle cards
Mercury Matchbox comes complete with a custom made gimmick, DVD & bonus handlings. Includes handling which allows the card to somersault from the box and into the waiting hands of a spectator!

Running Time Approximately 9min

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