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Jill Deck Review

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January 28th, 2009 10:19am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
The Jill Deck is a strange thing and is very hard to objectively review. The point of the deck is its design, but there's no accounting for taste, so aside from telling you my personal opinion (which really doesn't matter to you, I'm sure) all I can do is offer some facts and observations.

Regarding the design, you should visit The Jill Deck website to view the face designs. (Unfortunately, the back design isn't shown, but I'll discuss it shortly.) The Kings, Queens, and Jacks are highly stylized photographs. And in terms of the Jacks, they're "Jills" in that the photo is of a woman instead of a knave.

The backs of the cards feature female heads in silhouette, and they're marked using a binary system that only a computer or math geek will find usable.

It's nice that some gaffed cards are included, these and the markings definitely make the deck more interesting to magicians, but the feel of the deck is best described as "sticky." While the printing and card stock is high quality, the cards don't handle as well as normal cards, and they don't fan or spread easily.

So there you go. Hopefully this has given you useful information and perspective. I'm rating The Jill Deck as 3 stars, primarily for the difficult marking system and their feel, but there's no doubt that if the deck appeals to you, you won't find a better alternative.
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Product info for Jill Deck

Author: Annabel de Vetten
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Retail Price: $22.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Where the Jacks are Jills....

The Jill Deck is the brain-child of the cutting-edge artist, Annabel de Vetten.

These cards feature Annabel's own original artwork of her "Beautiful Strangers."

With the combination of high-quality playing card stock, and Annabel's iconic figures, I'm sure you'll agree that these cards will take playing Solitaire to a new level.

And for the Magic Enthusiast in your life, the artist has included several gaffed cards to help make miracles just that much more seductive. There's a color change that...well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

This deck contains more than the usual 52 cards plus Jokers. We have added some of the most important gaffed cards in card magic. Others were specifically created for the Jill Deck. As we haven't included tricks in this deck, how you use these gaff cards is entirely up to you.

Included are:

- a duplicate Joker with a punched out bullet hole
- a duplicate topless Queen of Clubs
- a misindexed Ace of Diamonds / Three of Clubs
- a misindexed Three of Clubs / Ace of Diamonds
- a double faced card, Queen of Clubs / King of Spades
- a double backed card
- a white Ace of Hearts
- Perfect for 3 Card Monte
- a Marked Deck

Warning:  Includes 1 optional gaff card of a topless woman.

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