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Full House Review

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January 26th, 2009 3:13pm
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
I really liked Wayne Fox's THOUGHT PROCESS, but FULL HOUSE reminds me of one of those bad magic shop items from my childhood. Many magic dealers over the years have taken cheap toys they can by cheaply in bulk, combined them with a method they've simply stolen from a magic book, and pawned it off as an original item.

I'm certainly not suggesting that Mr. Fox has stolen anything. It's just the opposite. There isn't anything that could have been worth stealing. The basic effect is that the magician introduces a small plastic block puzzle. A prediction is made and then several audience members are allowed to mix the numbers by sliding them around. Whatever outcome is reached on the puzzle matches the prediction.

The method is boldly stupid. Mr. Fox provides two methods. Neither method appears to be very elegant nor original. So I wonder what Mr. Fox has given us here. There's no real script or clever presentation provided and the instructions are very short.

Mr. Fox doesn't even know the name of the cheap plastic toys he's provided. He instructs the purchaser to just show the audience the toy and assures us that everyone remembers these from their childhood. For the record, there are several names for the toys he provides. They are called sliding puzzles, sliding block puzzles,or sliding tile puzzles. For the record, I've never owned one in my life.

For what this is selling for, Mr. Fox should have put more effort into it. It simply looks thrown together for the sake of selling something and no one should purchase FULL HOUSE.
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Author: Wayne Fox
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The Ultimate Business Card Giveaway!


A small sealed envelope is handed to a spectator for safekeeping. A sliding number puzzle is passed amongst the audience and the numbers mixed. The spectator opens the envelope, inside is the magicians business card. On the back, hand written is a series of numbers, when compared to the puzzle the spectator is holding, They match exactly.

  • Instant repeat (with different outcome of numbers)
  • Perform surrounded
  • Self reset
  • Full instructions and props
  • Cabaret, Close Up, Street

'Clever, entertaining and totally practical' - Mark Hanson. USA Magic Reviews

'Great thinking, and a wonderful little prop. The audience loved the little number jigsaw, as it's just like the ones we have all played with, and could never do!' I especially like the way, everyone around the table wanted to have a go at mixing the numbers up, so they all got engaged with the trick, right from the beginning.' - Martin Cale

'Once again Wayne takes intrinsically interesting objects (often from our childhood) and spins them into mind numbing and more importantly, ENTERTAINING magic routines. Rubber bands, toy soldiers, and christmas cracker toys... is this guy working for Santa?' - Simon Taylor

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