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Coin Thru Box Review

Official Review

December 12th, 2008 10:37am
Reviewed by David Acer
This is actually the second incarnation of Jesse Feinberg's "Coin Thru Box" “ the first was released two years ago for $20 U.S. and came as an instruction booklet with a supply of an accessory you need to make the required gimmick. This 2008 reissue retails for $24 instead of $20, comes as a DVD rather than a booklet, and in place of the accessory you receive a little burst of Las Vegas air when you open the case.

Bryce Kuhlman reviewed "Coin Thru Box" 1.0 in 2006. My two cents on the second coming is essentially the same. Overall, the effect looks good and the method is clever, but I have three reservations that together are preventing me from giving this more than two stars.

1) It's overpriced. If it came with the gimmick ready-made, I could see charging $15, maybe $20, but $24 for an instructional DVD with no gimmick is excessive.

2) You don't end clean. You can clean up, but it has to be done at the worst possible time. That is to say, the very moment when you should be handing out the case for examination, you're doing something else with it, then handing it out. As such, the clean-up, while technically invisible, is theatrically awkward.

3) The effect is more of a "middle" trick, and as such would have been better served as one of several tricks on a lecture DVD.

If none of these issues is a factor for you, then go ahead and buy this “ the trick itself is a fooler.

David Acer

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Product info for Coin Thru Box

Author: Jesse Feinberg
Publisher: Black's Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $24.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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COIN THRU BOX - a spectator's signed coin magically melts through an ungimmicked card box. It's that straight forward. That clean. Everything is examinable. Here's what you get.

Imagine borrowing a coin from someone-anyone. The coin is then signed by a spectator. There's no switches. No awkward moves. No difficult sleight to learn.

All you do is take the coin, drop it into the cellophane, and then have the spectator feel it and verify that it's there. They can see it right there. With nothing more than flick of the wrist, it melts through the box and rattles around inside. They saw it, but now it's inside. Crazy.

People scream. They back away from you in fear. A guy who once bullied you bows down and kisses your feet. Pretty soon you're running a cult. Women throw themselves at you. You start wearing white suits and rake in the money. A shrine is built in your honor in 42 different countries, most of which decide to put your face on their paper currency. It's good to be you.

And all because you performed Coin Thru Box by Jesse Feinberg. Everything you need to imitate the gods is taught to you step-by-step on this DVD.

This is what magic is supposed to look like. COIN THRU BOX.

Running Time Approximately 40min

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