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The Journey Review

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January 4th, 2009 2:04pm
Reviewed by David Parr
This DVD represents a welcome visit to the type of effects that fueled my early fascination with close-up magic.

“The Journey” is a direct, no-nonsense Coins Across routine that can be performed while standing, with or without a table. What will be immediately apparent to the viewer is that Lonnie Chevrie has performed this routine hundreds if not thousands of times. It looks effortless and as smooth as silk. Another quality worth noting is Mr. Chevrie’s measured pacing throughout the routine. He allows the audience time to appreciate that magic has happened, rather than rushing through a series of odd, nonstop moves.

In the tutorial section of the video, Mr. Chevrie teaches the handling in a relaxed, patient, and friendly way. The moves aren’t complicated or strenuous, and although the explanations are clear, I wish the producers of this video had included shots of the moves from the performer’s point of view. I wish ALL magic videos would include over-the-shoulder, magician's-view shots. It would make learning moves so much easier.

In addition to “The Journey,” the DVD includes Mr. Chevrie’s “Funneled,” a clever way to do Coins Through Table without a table. A small metal funnel is examined by the audience. Several coins are placed into the large end of the funnel and, one by one, they seem to pass through the small end of the funnel and into the magician’s hand. The moves are very similar to the ones used in “The Journey,” so this routine makes a nice supplement to the DVD.

This is an excellent instructional video. If you enjoy coin magic, buy this DVD. Mr. Chevrie deserves to be rewarded for sharing this material with us.
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Author: Lonnie Chevrie
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The Journey

Lonnie Chevrie takes you on a magical Journey with four silver coins. Your audience will be spellbound as they watch coins vanish, only to reappear moments later. Jaws will drop as the final coin seemingly vanishes from a spectator's own fingertips! This routine is strikingly visual, yet easy to perform. The requirements are simple: four coins and a matching gimmick that most magicians already own or can easily obtain from any magic dealer.


Included on this DVD is Lonnie Chevrie's Funneled. There is only one word to describe this effect: stunning. Three coins are passed through the small end of a funnel in a very magical manner. This closely - guarded routine has been Lonnie's repertoire for more than twenty-five years and is only now being released to the magic community for the first time.

"Lonnie Chevrie's The Journey is one of the cleanest, easy-to-follow four-coin routines that I have ever seen!"
-Pressley Guitar -Legendary Magician, and Creator of Fine Magic

"Staring at the midnight sky and feeling inspired, I picked up a rock and threw it at the moon. A strange thing happened; it made ripples. The difference between illusion and reality is that both are real until you know otherwise. Lonnie Chevrie has captured this secret and is sharing it with the rest of the world."
-Reed McClintock -Author, Inventor, and Urban Mage

Running Time Approximately 41min

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