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December 6th, 2008 2:29pm
Reviewed by David Acer
There's a reason you don't see a lot of tricks where the audience is asked to look in your mouth, and that's because (without putting it too baldly), it's freakin' disgusting. But let's say there are people in the world who wouldn't be repulsed by a magician leaning towards them as he sticks his dirty forefinger in his mouth and pulls his cheek aside for an exposed, saliva-filled view. Would they
like this trick? Maybe, even though it doesn't make much sense. The idea of causing one or several pips to vanish from a card has been around for awhile, but the effect is usually motivated by a "need" to change the card into a more desirable card. For example, if a spectator chose the Two of Clubs and you cut to the Three of Clubs, claiming to have found his card, it would behoove you to then "magically" pluck the center pip off the Three, thereby changing it into a Two. Conversely, there isn't much logic to having someone choose a card like the Five of Clubs, then making the center pip vanish and appear tattooed on the inside of your cheek.

But there's an alternate effect on this DVD that, for some reason, struck me as more interesting, though it does nothing to solve either of the aforementioned problems. The magician has a spectator write his or her initials in a hand-drawn circle on a chosen card. These initials then vanish from the circle and appear tattooed on the inside of the magician's cheek, whereupon they are promptly "spat" back onto the card, which can be left as a souvenir. Because a person's initials are involved, the effect seems to have more of a "bizarre magick" feel, which allows for greater latitude in terms of presentation. Personally, that's the version I would experiment with if I knew of an audience for this kind of trick.

One more caveat “ despite the fact that you're paying what I consider to be a premium for a one-trick DVD ($24.95, as opposed to the usual $15 to $20), you don't receive the doctored card that's required (e.g., a Five of Clubs with the middle pip erased), or the materials to make your fake tattoo. In other words, you'll have to invest further time and money in preparing these.

David Acer

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Author: Jordan Johnson
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Tattoo Card Reveal

INKED--a spectator's chosen card shows up as tattoo in the most unusual of places.

From the creator of HOLY GRAIL, one of the greatest visual advancements to the torn and restored card plot, JORDAN JOHNSON brings you a tattoo reveal like no other on the market.

A deck of cards enters play. A spectator picks a card and checks it. The magician rubs the card against his cheek and one of the pips vanishes, only to end up on the inside of this mouth tattooed into his flesh. Everyone can see it. It's right there. There's stunned silence.

Striking and bold, this is the kind of in-your-face magic people never forget.

Then the magician forcefully blows onto the face of the card and the pip instantly reappears. They break into applause. But there's more. The pip is now gone from his cheek.

This is REAL magic. INKED.

Running Time Approximately 50min

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