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Noted (US Currency, with Gimmick) Review

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March 7th, 2010 12:36am
Reviewed by David Parr
A borrowed dollar bill is rolled to form a tube, which then penetrates through the surface of another borrowed bill. Think of it as "Pen through Anything, made Useless." The effect is essentially the same, but without any of the advantages of Pen through Anything.

The package comes with a DVD and the fake "bill" required by the method. The tutorial video is ten minutes long. The method and handling are explained by text on the screen, while a pair of hands gestures emphatically and a loop of overdramatic music plays. Sometimes the text flashes past too quickly to read all of it, so be prepared to hit the pause button. Not that it will help, because the problems in this routine are beyond redemption. Here are a few:

The fake bill is shiny, like no other paper currency I've seen.

The "switch" that is "explained" in the video boils down to this: hide the real bill in your back pocket and, at the same time, take the fake bill out of your back pocket. I kid you not.

It would be impossible to align the printing on the segments of the gaff during the display of the magic moment, so it must be done rapidly and without allowing the audience to get a clear look at the situation.

In the handling shown, the moment when the segments of the gaff reunite would surely be accompanied by a telltale sound.

There's probably one place where this effect could be made to seem like something resembling magic: in an online video, where details can't be seen clearly, the switch can be done off camera, hinky-looking moments can be edited out, and the effect can performed without sound.

The best advice the tutorial video has to offer is "Practice all the moves until they are smooth." Better advice would be to skip this product.
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Author: Richard James
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Visibly push two borrowed and signed notes right through each other.


Two notes are borrowed from a spectator, or two different spectators and both notes are signed. One note is taken and rolled up. The other, with the signature face up, remains in full view.

Watch your spectators face as you push the notes through each other! You can actually see the rolled up note pushing right through the other side.

Pull the note out and unroll it. Both signed notes are given back for complete examination!

Gimmick and Full Instructional DVD included.

Richard James is revealing his secrets of the magic that has celebrities and audiences mesmerized!

Running Time Approximately 21min

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