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Two Faced Review

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December 22nd, 2008 1:33pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Two-Faced is a utility device that allows you to innocently switch one flat object (such as a photograph) for another flat object. The Two-Faced gimmick appears to be a cardboard frame for an 8 x 10 inch photograph, similar to what you'd receive if you bought a print from an Olan Mills or Sears portrait studio. (But to be clear, the frame is not embossed with a studio name.)

The device is similar to one that you might already carry in your back pocket, but much, much larger. So large, in fact, that I think it's best suited to parlor magic. No matter where you plan to use it, you'll have to think about how you'll pack it so that it stays flat within your carrying case.

Also included is a brief (8-10 page) booklet with some useful handling tips. There are also several tricks whose descriptions range from bare-bones to oblique references to other products. In other words, while somewhat helpful, the booklet isn't a selling point.

Which leaves the frame itself as the main source of value. It's well-made and will last a long time. Osterlind has chosen a frame style that aids in the deception, too. Given the price, if you have a definite use in mind (and there are certainly plenty of ways in which it could be used) I'd say you'll be pleased with what you get.
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Author: Richard Osterlind
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Manufacturer's Description:

Two-Faced is an audience-tested utility prop that should find favor with magicians and mentalists alike. What could be better than an ordinary-looking object that can perform a multitude of magical changes?

Two-Faced is an innocent-looking folio-style photo frame, similar to what a professional photography studio would give you with your 8x10 portrait, with a heavy-duty construction that will last for years. The beauty of this time-tested idea is that the routines are endless and you will certainly be personalizing the prop the moment you receive it. Those who have had a preview marveled at how such a great idea has been left untapped all this time.

You can use Two-Faced for serious mentalism, comedy magic or anything in between. You will find ways to enhance present effects as well as invent totally new ones. The included booklet has been designed to show you as much versatility as possible and yet leave open the door to an endless stream of new thoughts, limited only by your imagination. Two-Faced can switch pictures, large sheets of paper, jumbo playing cards or anything else that will fit into it.

It's extremely hard to come up with "new simplicity," but Two-Faced is just such a prop. You'll love it!

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