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Millionaire Review

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January 14th, 2009 1:47pm
Reviewed by David Acer
Imagine borrowing a bill, then visibly changing it into another bill of a higher denomination. Now imagine not using any of the 300 methods already available to do this and instead buying Peter Eggink's latest release, "Millionaire." Why would you do that? For one, you might want a method that allows you to borrow the bill, fold it in four, then drop it into a spectator's cupped hands and see it change on the way down. That's neither an exaggeration, nor a distortion - that's exactly what happens, and it looks every bit as magical as the ad states.

However, there are other considerations with this release beyond effect. For example, performed as described above, "Millionaire" really only plays for the person in whose hands you drop the bill, along with one or two people who might be standing right next to him (assuming they crowd in a little). That's a lot to give up when measured against the much greater visibility of a Kozlowski/Klause bill change, or Sean Field's "Infinity Switch," or Juan Pablo's "Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch," all of which employ regular (i.e., ungimmicked) bills and are available for less than the asking price of "Millionaire."

Peter does provide a handling in which you fold your own bill into quarters and display it at the fingertips of one hand, whereupon it "morphs" into another bill. But if that's the effect you want to achieve, you'd be better off performing Richard Sanders' "Visi-Bill," a powerful sleight-of-hand change that looks very similar and (like the aforementioned alternatives) doesn't require a gimmicked bill, thus the new bill can be examined immediately.

So let's focus on Peter's principal (and very pretty) effect of a folded bill changing as it drops into a spectator's cupped hands. If this particular magical experience speaks to you, then there's no better method available, and Peter has devised a clever, well motivated switch to secretly exchange the borrowed bill for your gimmicked bill at the outset. In addition, he came up with a climax that takes the heat off the gimmicked bill once the change has occurred - i.e., the borrowed bill is immediately discovered in an impossible location, such as under the spectator's watch.

Bottom line “ this is a good trick, well taught, and while it may be a little overpriced at $35 (the already bloated standard for one-trick DVDs is $20), you do get everything you need to construct your own "Millionaire" gimmick using the currency of your choice. On the DVD (and in the demo clip), Peter performs the trick with Euros, and the distinctive colors of the bills makes for a particularly striking change, but it will work with American money as well. Alternatively, if you're planning on performing this in the U.S., the change might play bigger if you present it as a printing effect “ i.e., you introduce a bill-size piece of paper and fold it in four, whereupon it becomes a real bill as you drop it into a spectator's cupped hands. Either way, you'll have a strong piece of magic at your disposal.

David Acer

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Peter Eggink
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Retail Price: $35.00
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You show a bill of 20 Euro. The bill is folded in fourth and with NO COVER or whatsoever it changes In a 50 Euro bill! This really looks breathtaking. It's like you're watching a movie special effect! Millionaire is the most VISUAL and FASTEST bill change you've EVER seen.

You'll receive your Millionaire package complete with instructional DVD and a very special "pre-made" gimmick on a Euro bill. Simply provide your own bill and follow the instructions on the DVD to complete your gimmick.

Although the provided "pre-made" gaff is made for an Euro bill, instructions are included as for how to customize a gimmick to your OWN currency!

What people say about Millionaire:

"What can I say... that's a great visual effect, I usually hate bill switch routines as it's long and boring. I must say you killed those two flaws..."
- Jean-Luc Bertrand

"Wow! A breath of fresh air in bill changes"
- Angelo Carbone

"Millionaire is without a doubt the most visual and fastest "Bill Change" I've ever seen. Brilliant!"
- Alexander de Cova

"Watching Millionaire for the first time was like getting hit by a train - I literally PASSED OUT! When I came round, I thought..."I just had the strangest dream that Peter Eggink had invented the PERFECT bill change!"
- David Forrest

"Visually intoxicating and extremely magical...great effect!"
- Richard Sanders

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