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Assassin's Pouch Review

Official Review

December 2nd, 2008 10:22am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
When it comes to luggage and accessories for the close-up magician, there's not a lot to choose from. Yet, a lot of magicians are constantly seeking that "perfect" bag, box, or briefcase that will suit their act.

Jay Sankey's new Assassin's Pouch, despite its silly name, is a serious entry into this sub-niche market. This is not a re-packaged cosmetics or PDA case, it is a Sankey design that is custom manufactured in an underground factory staffed by a team of hypnotized elves which Sankey employs because they make him feel tall.

Actually, I don't know who designed it, or where it's made. There's no country-of-origin or materials label on the pouch, which means you can't prove my theory wrong, so you may as well go with it.

Overall the Assassin's Pouch is well-made and thoughtfully designed. I wish it didn't use velcro to close the flaps on the front pockets, which I find low-class and noisy, but there's a lot to like so I'll try to work past that, which I admit might be a personal issue that requires counseling. I like that the pouch can be worn by using the sturdy belt loop or the included carabiner clip. The thumb tip and Sharpie pockets are great, and I like that the pouch can comfortably hold two decks of cards. And, although Joshua Jay's Pro Carrier Case is classier, the Assassin's Pouch is more versatile, and not a bad buy.
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Product info for Assassin's Pouch

Author: Jay Sankey
Publisher: Sankey Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Manufactured from heavy-duty, water-proof nylon canvas the Assassin's Pouch is built to last. Black in color, the pouch goes with every clothing style from casual to formal, while always adding a quite touch of class and professionalism.

Wear it on your belt OR clipped to the belt loop of your pants with the black aluminum carabineer clip OR even just keep the pouch in your case so all your favorite magic and mentalist props are perfectly organized for the next impromptu performance.

With a total of five custom-designed pockets, you'll be amazed by just how much stuff you can carry in the Assassin's Pouch. At the same time, you'll be freeing up your pants and jacket pockets for even more stuff!

The two front pockets feature reinforced Velcro catches for fast, easy access to your props. There's also a slim outer pocket specifically designed for a magic marker. The pouch even has a unique thumb tip holder, making for the world's fastest thumb tip load-on. It only takes a second and there's mo more fumbling around in your pockets!

The thumb tip pocket is also designed to carry a standard sized invisible thread reel, complete with a reinforced eyelet secretly positioned at the back of the pouch!

  • Look like a real professional!

  • Free up your pockets for even more magic!

  • Includes custom pockets for thumb tip and marker!

Please note that this product does not include an instructional DVD.

"Smart, smart, smart! Even without the built-in thumb tip and marker holders, I'd still want this great item for the coin vanish! Real magic!"
-Preet L.

"I saw this at a magic convention and immediately bought TWO! I'm so glad I did!" -Daren W.

"Worth every penny and more! The coin vanish works like a dream. And I can carry three times as much stuff in my pockets!" -Kevin B.

"The Assassin's Pouch is a great help when it comes to carrying the old magic stuff around. So far it's been perfect for my needs and has proved
itself very useful." -Gareth W.

"It's about time a real pro came up with something like this. Long overdue. I'm lovin' it! (But be careful with those super magnets. They are crazy strong!" -Todd G.

"The thumb tip pocket is slick as spit!"-Gary C.

"Whenever I'm wearing my Assassin's Pouch I know I have enough stuff to do psychological damage to anyone, anywhere." -Frank A.

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