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Bootlegs And B-Sides - Volume 1 Review

Official Review

November 20th, 2008 5:06pm
Reviewed by David Acer
"serious card magic "
newbs don't waste your time"

From the cover of Bootlegs & B-Sides

If you're an intermediate to advanced card worker looking for a new, visually striking phase to add to your Ambitious Card routine, Sean Fields' "Ambition Impossible" might fit the bill. A signed selection is inserted face up into the face-down deck, fairly close to the bottom, whereupon a "ripple" moves up the side of the pack, then suddenly, the selection appears face up on top. Based on Tom Allen's "The Ripple" (which, sadly, goes unmentioned), this is a difficult technique to master, but persistence will be rewarded with an eye-popping moment of magic.

For me, that's the highlight of Bootlegs & B-Sides, Volume 1, though there are five other routines performed and taught. At issue here is whether you're in the market for new versions of such frequently revisited (and often rehashed) plots as Twisting the Aces, Out of this World, Open Prediction and The Universal Card. If so, you may want to investigate Sean's methods (he’s a clever guy - see Infinity Switch, Northbound and Saw for further evidence), but be aware that what you're getting here is a bare-bones tutorial on the mechanics - Sean doesn't speak during either the performances or explanations, let alone offer presentations.

Also note that, to perform the above, you must already be familiar with the Elmsley Count, the Jordan Count, the Erdnase Change, a one-handed top-palm, the Munoz/DeSouza Shapeshifter Change, Ed Marlo's Miracle Change, a classic pass, a half pass, and more, all of which are used here but none are taught. Ultimately, that's what this disclaimer on the cover means: "serious card magic - newbs don't waste your time", which might have been stated more clearly as, "advanced skill required - beginners can suck it."

David Acer

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Product info for Bootlegs And B-Sides - Volume 1

Author: Sean Fields
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

For the first time ever on DVD, Sean Fields has assembled some serious card magic.

Bootlegs & B-Sides Vol.1 contains Sean's innovative and commercial approaches to classic card plots, such as Twisting the Aces, Out of This World, and The Open Prediction. Ambition Impossible, Sean's INCREDIBLY visual Ambitious Card sequence is worth the price of the DVD alone!

With his unique and laid back style, Sean teaches you each effect step by step. Don't expect to have your hand held though; it is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of card magic. Newbs, don't waste your time.

Effects include:

Ambition Impossible
The effect is a timeless classic; a selected card continuously rises to the top of the deck, after being placed in the middle. As a spectacular finale, the card is seen to slowly and visibly rise to the top!

Brain Tumor
Brainwave, on industrial strength speed!

Get Out
An impromptu approach to the Out of This World plot. The cards are mixed by a spectator, and subsequently separated by them as well. This is hot.

A twisting effect, with a killer finale inspired by The Asher Twist.

Paul Curry, meet Sean Fields! The Open Prediction has never looked so good!

An incredibly visual revelation of 2 selections!

Running Time Approximately 27min

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