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Very Best of Modern Coin Magic Review

Official Review

November 18th, 2008 12:17pm
Reviewed by David Acer
The contents of this DVD couldn't be further from what the title suggests if it were called "Tricks with Silks" and featured a documentary on ice cream. People seemingly unaffiliated with the publisher of Modern Coin Magic or its author (J.B. Bobo) purport to have combed the massive tome for its shiniest pearls, resulting in this 31-minute DVD that delivers nothing of the kind. 13 basic techniques are demonstrated with a degree of proficiency that ranges from poor to adequate, followed by four routines that are similarly marred by flashes, flares and tells.

If the DVD had been marketed as a general introduction to coin magic I would probably be less irked, but to sell it as the "best" of Bobo's seminal text is just insulting.

Bottom line - anyone interested in learning coin magic from the ground up should spend the extra twenty bucks and buy New Modern Coin Magic (the revised edition of Modern Coin Magic). For the difference, you'll get hundreds more tricks and sleights, not to mention an interesting prologue on the history of coins in conjuring.

And if you're looking for a visual aid to see how effective basic coin techniques can really be, check out David Roth's excellent Expert Coin Magic Made Easy, Volumes 1-3 (all on one DVD). By watching him execute even the most fundamental sleights, you'll see beyond the mechanics and gain an understanding of how to imbue every action with intention and motivation, which in turn defuses suspicion. Ultimately these nuances make the difference between performing coin tricks and coin magic, and that's a level of instruction Best of Modern Coin Magic doesn't achieve.

David Acer
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The best of modern coin magic is a collection of sleights and routines from the classic book of coin magic by J.B. Bobo. On this DVD you find all the very best sleights that are necessary for performing powerful close up magic with coins. In addition to learning the best sleights you will also learn 4 awesome routines including 1 routine that combines several sleights that you will learn on this DVD. If you have ever wanted to get into coin magic and don't know where to start, the best of modern coin magic is the perfect DVD to start learning coin magic today.


  • Classic palm
  • Thumb palm
  • Finger palm
  • Back palm
  • Slide vanish
  • Bobo vanish
  • Watch vanish
  • Shuttle pass
  • Bobo switch
  • Utility switch
  • Click pass
  • Coin flip


  • Pulse
  • Winged silver
  • Coins to glass
  • Multiple sleights routine

Running Time Approximately 31min

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