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Original Bendable Pen, The Review

January 4th, 2003 6:33pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
When I first got this trick I first thought it was a waste of money, but after playing around with it and then trying out in my show I realised I had a real mystery on my hands, and that is what magic is all about.

At under $20 you have just got to get this and add it to your show, If you don't like it at least you still have a pen!

Product info for Original Bendable Pen, The

Author: Cornelius, John
Publisher: John Cornelius
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $19.90
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Manufacturer's Description:

The magician shows an ordinary plastic pen. The pen is shown to be a solid pen. Magician then talks about people who bend spoons and keys by mental concentration. As he is talking, the performer rubs on the pen, and the pen becomes flexible, bending like rubber. The pen is rubbed one more time and becomes solid. The pen may now be handed to a spectator for total examination. Only one pen is used, nothing is added or taken away. No sleight of hand, totally examinable and can be instantly reset.

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