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Runaway Hanky Review

Official Review

October 22nd, 2008 7:22pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
If you're looking for a fun, rainy day project building a magic toy, you've just hit pay dirt. The instructions are good, but the producers don't seem to have a clear idea of their audience. For example, the disc goes into excruciating detail about how to mix epoxy but completely omits other tasks like drilling trickily-placed holes and stripping wire.

But on the whole, the disc is filled with practical advise and the tone is friendly and encouraging. I'm not convinced this device is useful for a magic trick per se, but it could certainly be used for a fun moment, and is no doubt a blast to play with; as evidenced by the ending sequences.

If a homemade runaway hank appeals to you, I think you'll be happy with this disc. If you're not so handy with tools, the lack of detail might be frustrating.
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Author: David Allen and Scott Francis
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Your Hanky dances races across the room/stage...60 feet in 0.4 any direction you decide.

This is the world's fastest, most powerful reel to date.

We had so much fun when we first built this that we tried in 500 times in two weeks. We just couldn't put it down. You will have loads of fun too...more fun than any human being should have. No Kidding!

You could end up with a permanent smile while playing with this product.

Have fun!

Running Time Approximately 29min

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