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Flying Matches (PK Ring Effects Volume 4) Review

Official Review

November 11th, 2008 10:40am
Reviewed by Christian
Randi Rain, volume 4, Flying Matches is her best DVD. In reality, I think she would have had a better product has she combined all of the effects from the four DVDs on to one single DVD. Each DVD had one effect and one bonus effect.

The DVD has moderate production values. Nothing exciting, but good enough that nothing is lost. This DVD also has the bohemian style like the previous three. I like the concept but the execution needs to be improved. Simply taking me on a visual tour of a hauntingly strange rough country area did not seem so intriguing by the fourth DVD. Her DVD style is that the camera travels through a strange and interesting outdoor, rough country locale. It ends with her standing or sitting in a mystical way in this strange outdoor area and performing her effect for the camera.

Flying Matches is her take on the old “One unburned match in the match book routine”. If you are unfamiliar with that routine then this DVD would be worth that effect alone. It is a standard routine in most beginner books. But don’t underestimate its strength.

Using PK effects she is able to add more magic to the routine in a “Match Matrix” kind of way. This is a nice tough and looks quite magical. I particularly liked the vanish of the last match that ends up inside of the match book.

She gives very detailed instructions and nothing is left out. I also enjoyed the bonus section as well. It is another take on determining which hand has the stone.
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Flying Matches is a collection of match effects that you can do almost any time and any where. Probably the most easy, fund and complete PK ring effect there is. Full of transpositions and vanishes. These effects will most definitely find their was into any match trick routine.


Running Time Approximately 21min

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