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Winks Diary Review

September 15th, 2008 11:06am
Reviewed by Damien Bloom
Winks Diary was described by another reviewer as mediocre and confusing; I believe that this is far too generous. The routine begins with you asking a spectator to think of a card. This creates the expectation that you will reveal the card they are thinking of “ but you don’t. You can never reveal the thought of card because you don’t know what it is. Instead, the value of this card is used (via a mathematical process) to produce a date, next to which is written the name of a different (totally unrelated) card “ which you do reveal. This is hardly a direct effect and the spectator in the trailer is clearly confused. She has to ask which card she’s supposed to be thinking of “ her original one or the card written in the diary. The card in the diary can be predicted in advance, but this climax is far weaker than the anticipated effect of revealing the original thought of card.

The confusing effect, however, is not the most important problem. Winks Diary is simply one of the least baffling magic tricks I have ever seen. The date used is not “chosen” by the spectator “ it’s arrived at by a mathematical process that creates no illusion of a random date. The spectator only has to think back to the process by which the date was formed and the entire method become blindingly obvious. I honestly don’t believe that this could fool any intelligent person. The only way a spectator could fail to work out the method would be if they were just not interested enough to think about the effect afterward.

This is the sort of idea that, if it was published at all, should have been offered as a magazine contribution. Yes the DVD is very well produced, but the effect simply isn’t good enough to release as a stand alone item. Not recommended.
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Author: Bill Thompson
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Welcome to Bill Thompson's Winks Diary. Join you hosts Peter nardi and Martin Sanderson as they take a detailed look into this intriguing piece of magic.

Contents include:

Two different versions performed by both Peter & Martin to real people in real situations! Peter Nardi's mindreading routine that uses NO playing cards. Direct and to the point...A REAL MINDBLOWER! The Bill Thompson routine, as performed by Martin Sanderson using a deck from which a card is freely selected with no force. BRILLIANT!

Hints and tips from Peter and Martin including Peter's destination prediction, which takes the effect to a whole new level.

Get ready for the easiest and most direct Card Diary to date - Bill Thompson's Winks Diary.

  • Use a regular diary!
  • No multiple outs!
  • No stacked decks!
  • In fact don't use a deck at all!
Running Time Approximately 29min

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