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Jigger Not! (PK Ring Effects Volume 3) Review

Official Review

October 16th, 2008 2:24pm
Reviewed by Christian
This is the third disk in Randi Rain’s 4 disk offering of PK effects. I really like this one as it is a full routine. I was fooled while watching it. That’s always a good thing.

The idea of this effect is a type of chop cup routine done with a Jigger. A jigger is a metal cup used for mixing drinks at a bar. The use of the gimmick allows for some very fair moves and surprises.

The DVD is not the best quality but you will be able to see everything you need. Randi comes across very likable and she goes in to great detail in the teaching segments.

My only complaint other than DVD quality is that the routine does not have a good climax. It just ends. I would like to have seen her find a way to end it big. But perhaps you will be able to come up with your own ending. Either way, she gets you thinking with this very clever method.

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Author: Randi Rain
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Jigger Not! Is a great modified chop cup routine. You use a mixing jigger to perform some really pretty moves. Such as, where the ball gets pushed through the jigger, and also were it gets sucked from the bottom. Plus, an easy to do vanish where the ball gets thrown back under the jigger.


Running Time Approximately 11min

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