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Bling Review

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October 1st, 2008 9:34am
Reviewed by Scott Brown
"Bling" has little shine or appeal to me. In fact, I have a hard time knowing how to rate this one. Bling is yet another card revelation; card is selected and lost, a black silk and numerous loose diamonds (rhinestones or dried glue) are introduced, the diamonds then form a revelation (like a card silk) on the silk.

All in all, this could be made entertaining and I foresee some fun moments with it. The power of a forced card revelation should not be overlooked; but the real power of such a display is in finding and creating the method that works for you. In other words, I think this is the type of item one should develop for themselves. Let's stop this trend of, "I got an idea (often not fully developed), I need to hurry up and market it!"

Let's try to allow room for magicians to be creative for themselves and not spoon-feed ideas that should come on their own!
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Author: Adam Topham
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Manufacturer's Description:

The world's most expensive card trick!!


Your spectator selects a card, and then places the cards back into the box, you then explain that you are going to find their card in a unique way, by using a woman's best friend diamonds! You place your black handkerchief into your hand and the spectator pours diamonds into your hand with the hanky. You then pass the hanky to the spectator with the diamonds inside. And at the given time they shout out their card and open their hand to reveal the diamonds have spelled out their card.

The effect could be used as a finale to end your favourite routine; it is only limited by your imagination...

Comes complete with:

  • Instructions explaining how to perform this truly dazzling effect.
  • A small bag of diamonds, and everything to make this minor miracle happen. All you need is your regular deck of cards.

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