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Repeal (PK Ring Effects Volume 2) Review

Official Review

September 25th, 2008 11:06am
Reviewed by Christian
Randi Rain’s second DVD, Repeal is a bottle cap that appears to penetrate the bottle. The nice touch of this routine is that the bottle cap is flat and no amount of shaking will get it out. The final touch is that you can give it out, that’s right give it away. Nice!

The Video production values are average at best. A little grainy and hazy but it does not affect the instructional value of the video.

I do not know Randi personally but she comes across likable and sincere in the video.

The performance of the effect leaves me cold, however. She never explains to us how to set up the effect, performance wise. What is the presentation of this effect? I don’t know? One will use the PK ring, that is said up front on the video title. But how? The short and I mean very short demonstration of the effect simply has her holding the bottle and Bam the bottle cap is in the bottle. This is not how it is going to work or look in the real world. How do we get into it? Why are we doing it? What is the performance set up? None of these questions are addressed.

On the up side her explanation of how to construct the gimmick is excellent. If one feels they can overcome the problems of the performance of the trick, the explanation of how to make the gimmick make this worth the $15. She does a really good job.

I think if she would have given us a scripted routine with a premise for doing this along with how to get into the set up, I could have given this a much higher rating.

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Author: Randi Rain
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The REPEAL is a "Flat cap in bottle" routine. A close-up effect where you take a bottle that you have been drinking from and magically place the cap inside. The cap is flat and can not fit out the neck of the bottle. You can hand the bottle out for examination immediately so they can view the miracle for themselves. The set-up is simple, and can easily be done on the fly with the very bottle you are drinking from.


Running Time Approximately 13min

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